Need 36" to borrow, rent or buy at U Games?!

Hey guys,
Just looking for a 36" to borrow during U Games in San Francisco for some of the fun rides and races. I don’t care what kind it is, anything will do. I could throw some money at you to rent it and of course I would fix or pay for anything that breaks. Another option would be for me to buy it from you but would prefer to borrow/rent if possible. Please let me know asap as I really hope to do the San Fran Tour, Criterium and maybe a few other rides/races.

Also looking for a 20" to buy, rent or borrow for my fiance as she just learned and would like to practice while we are there. Too much in excess baggage fees to bring it with us as we already had a full load. Let me know if you have either a 36" or 20" available at U Games and we’ll work out a deal that works best for all of us! Thanks in advance!!!


Nathan can probably hook you up with a 36"; he and Beau will likely be riding their GUnis in the races.

I have a 20" Nimbus X I won’t be using; it’s a long neck so you have to be of a certain height to ride it. How tall is Gigi?

Thanks for the info. I will check with the hoovers but if anyone else has one let me know. Don’t know if the 20" would fit her as she is not super tall but if u have it around and we don’t find anything we can give it a try. Otherwise we might try craigslist.

Hey, this thread reminded me; I should sell my Coker. It’s the new model, and will come with a brake and both frames. Currently it’s set up with the aluminum frame. I’ve used it for a lot of MUni training, so it’s been in the dirt. I doubt the seats will go high enough for Jamey, but neither will anyone else’s. :slight_smile: How much should I sell that for?

I’ll also bring my old (2002) Coker Deluxe with Wyganowski handle if I have the room. Jamey, you can use one of those if we can make it fit.

Also I’ll have my Freestyle, which has a tall Wyganowski frame. Don’t know if it’s low enough for Gigi but it will be available most of the time.

Thanks Foss for the info. See what you can fit and I will talk to you when I see you and figure out a plan. Would prefer to borrow or rent but might be able to buy it from you depending on price and how much money I have left. Don’t know about the 20" but we can try it and see. Talk to you Saturday.

Hey Foss I might have found a coker to buy so wouldn’t need yours. I will know for sure Thursday night and will post here so you know if you should bring it or not. Or you could always still bring it and try to sell it there. How much you thinking of selling it for?