Ned Flanders Can Uni!!!

I just watched the simpsons ( the one where Bart burns down the christmas tree) and as the Simpsons walk past Neds house he is pictured idling by the tree. If I had only known he was so talented.

“go banana!!” Ralph

Uncle Donald to (but I think only in Explorer)

Bender the robot on Futurama can as well.
There’s an episode of him trying to walk a tightrope and he says he’s too hard, so he pulls out a unicycle and rides across it. Makes no sense unless you’re a futurama fan.

Who isn’t?


I’ve got Mika Hakinen (former worldchampion F1 racing), and one of the robots’s of Dexter, and Johnny Bravo -juggling chainsaws and a dog on a tall unicycle- all on video. When I render my VHS tapes into DVD i’ll make some snaps.