Is there anyone here who lives in Nebraska because i’ sick of riding alone

I don’t live in NE. but I have relatives that do, although they ride that two wheeled thing and don’t ride the cool uni. Maybe someday if I go visit them again i’ll take my uni and we can ride : )


Come to think about it, I don’t even know where Nebraska is. Is it next to Idaho?

No. Not at all.

I love that state.

I know where Nebraska is because I’ve been to Omaha.

Dude i was just in lincoln for 2 weeks in late june for the ITS festival, I was on the college campus too, we should have hit it up.

“the cornhusker state?” they couldn’t think of ANYTHING better than that? terrible.

You sound as if you’d never heard that before…

National fossil: Wooly Mamoth.

well aside from having a stupid nickname and the state fossil as a wolly mamouth (sp?) it is also devoid of any unicyclers

Well, at least “the cornhusker state” fits Nebraska. You’re famous for corn. Before you boil it, you have to husk it. You have lots of cornhuskers there.

Here in Maine, the nickname is “Vacationland.” The only people who vacation in Maine are either 65+ or from Massachusetts, or both.

There’s a joke about asking for directions, and a Mainer will tell you, “Cahn’t get theah from heah” (or “Can’t get there from here” for those who don’t know the accent) When really the joke should be, "Why would you want to?

Hey, Nebraska’s got the Platte. Surely that’s worth something isn’t it?

One of the reason there is no unieers is cause its so flat so there is no muni. The sad part is, the nickname of the capitol is called, “The Penis of the Plains” because it looks like a giant wang and there is nothing around it. There are even P.O.T.P shirts.

All the more reason to like it!

If there’s muni in the Netherlands there must be muni in Nebraska. It’s not like a real mountain is required, just some dirt and some obstructions. Maybe the ruts left by farm machinery …

Rather interesting how they left that lower left corner open for the legend.:smiley: :wink:

I just went through there on my way back to CT from NAUCC. No real mountains (by western standards), but there looked like there was plenty of places to do good MUni.