Neat seat setup

I was really bored, so for no reason I went through the German forums. While doing so, I found this neat looking seat setup. That thing on the front almost looks like a speed radar to me! If anybody can translate it, this is what it said in the thread:


wollt mal fragen, was fuer bremmsgriffe ihr an euren raedern habt, ich benutze grad ein gangschaltung als bremse, die kann man feststellen, hat/kennt jemand von euch andere feststellbremsen (welche wird z.b. bei den schlumpf einraedern mitgeliefert)?

andreas hat diese Grafik angehängt:"


That front lever looks like it might be the control to a drag brake, or just a brake

this is what free translation said.


Does once want to ask, what has for bremmsgriffe its at your wheels, I degree use would brake a gearshift as, can assess that one, has knows someone of you other parking brakes (which becomes for example in the schlumpf on wheels include)?

Heres the translation:

“I’d like to ask, what kind of brake lever you all have on your unis? I just use a gear changer as a brake lever, that you can attach. Does anyone know or have a break lever (ex. which comes with the Schlumpf unis?)?”

Those are lights on the front and back. Radar detector! LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

"Those are lights on the front and back. Radar detector! LOL "

But, what’s behind the lights (the small round object)?
To me, it looks like either a bicycle bell (sorry unibell) or a glade air freshener.

The thing on the front is a bar end gear shifter and the guy use it as drag brake. He asks what types of handles other people might use for drag brakes.

In my opinion the bar end shifter is too unresponsive for breaking. It gives no good feedback on how hard you are pulling the brake.

That’s the time warp module. It lets you go faster than the speed of time.

That baby´s loaded up like an RV.


Speaking as a trained professional in time travel, the time warp module would also be able to make you go slower than the speed of time. Trust me, I’m a professional.



There is a web site called

They do translation. They can also translate an entire website.

Sometimes bits are lost in translation but, in general, you can get the jist of the comments. I clipped in the text you pasted here and the response from altavista is posted below:

“In English:
hello, _ want times ask, what for bremmsgriffe it to your wheel have, I use degree a gear shift as brake, which can one tighten, know someone of you other parking brake (which e.g. with the schlumpf wheel provide)?”

It is not perfect and one of our bilingual friends here can give you a better translation as noted above but I thought you might to know about the site.


Actually the correct translation is as follows:

"Hello Earthlings,
After having abducted many of your kind, we have found some beings from your planet that seek pleasure riding a single wheel. One member of our team, materialized such an object and took over a human body. Transmissions have recently stopped from our member.
The machine is equipped with ray gun, teleporter, and light-speed switch. If any earthlings see this device, be warned, we will activate the self destruct mechanism shortly. "