NE Mountain climb races (update)

Hey, all you hill climbers -

I started a thread about unicycles in the Mt. Washington hillclimb forum at:

One of the regulars there says you’ll be in “the video”, whatever that is. You guys might want to go to the forum and make your presence known. Then train your faces off, and go and represent!

Who’s riding in the Washington race - Ben PS, Joe Merrill, and “Unicyclejoe” (anybody else)? There’s a list of this year’s registrants at and click on “confirmed rider list”. I found Ben and Joe Merrill, but I didn’t know unicyclejoe’s last name so I couldn’t find him.

The registration (and the practice climb) are filled up for Mt. Wash. race (7.6 miles 4727’ vertical)

I’m registered for two “easy” climbs:
Whiteface Mtn. (NY) (
(8 milies, 3522’ vert.)
Mt. Equinox race
(5.2 miles, 3248’ vert.)

Some one-wheeled company in those races would be great. Anyone??!?

I can’t believe I missed the registration for the practice ride. It sold out really quickly.

Joey didn’t register for Mt Washington, so it’s just gonna be me and Merril. Did you get in on the practice ride Joe?