nbrazzi Moab video is excellent!

I got a surprise in the mail on Friday, a DVD from Nick Brazzi. I knew he was ready to ship out the videos, but didn’t expect to see it so quickly.

Nor did I expect it to be a cool DVD.

Nor did I expect it to have a full-color, beautiful label! Yes, some of those were my pictures, but that just means that I’m not in them… :slight_smile:

The 25 minute video includes some footage Nick shot before the Moab trip, with tools, clothes, and equipment being packed. This is interspersed with a computer-generated flight over a desert scene, with a CGI unicycle. Very cool.

The video shows scenes from all the rides during the weekend, and the Saturday afternoon competitions. It’s a must for everyone that was there, everyone thinking of going in future years, and everyone who would like to see what a group MUni event is like.

In other words, this video should be for sale at Unicycle.com, ASAP.

So bug Nick and ask him how much to order your copy! At first he was looking to just cover his duplication costs, but I’m sure he can ask for more. I hope he makes it available through Unicycle.com.


And hopefully availible through Darren Bedford too!
Sounds like a great movie, i c’ant wait to see it!


Re: nbrazzi Moab video is excellent!

I’ll add my compliments too. We watched it last Friday and it’s great. I
didn’t expect such professional packaging etc. GREAT job Nick! Thanks for a
lasting souvenir of a fantastic weekend. The 3D maps shots with the unicycle
showing the route we took is a great touch. How about you tell us how you
did that one?


Re: Re: nbrazzi Moab video is excellent!

That was actually Bryce. People familiar with 3D modeling will probably be quick to point out that that isn’t the best software to use for this sort of thing. This was my first 3D modeling and I had a friend who could teach me a bit in Bryce. It actually worked out pretty well for generating video clips. Because unicycles have a pretty basic design - not a lot of unusal shapes - it was a lot easier to model than it could have been.

Thanks for all the good comments, everybody. I’m glad the video is being enjoyed.

Re: Re: Re: nbrazzi Moab video is excellent!

Please let us know if, when and how the unfortunate ones (I am one of them) who did not attend, can get a copy.