Navegal 29", Stout 29", Intense 26 x 2.3

These are all barey used tires, the Navegal and Stout were ridden a few times on my KH 29er before I sold it, the Intense FRO 26 x 2.3 were used once on my son’s mountain bike.

The reviews are out there, but suffice to say that the Navegal and Stout are the fattest 29er tires available, would be awesome to try one on the new KH 47mm wide rim!

The Intense tires have a very stiff sidewall as is typical of Intense FRO tires, can be run very low volume, heavy tires, but you’ll never flat with one.

Best offer on all tires plus shipping, discount pricing for buying two or more tires. Local pick up would be great, we’re near Knoxville, TN.

I’m not interested in buying your tires, but I was just wondering how you ship such tires. I know some tires can be rolled or looped, but what do you do with the really beefy ones?

Beefy tires go in a beefy box, but most can be rolled into a loop without damaging the wire bead. I have a potential offer on the Navegal and Stout, nothing firm yet. My “dream” is to sell all of the tires to one person :smiley:

Anyway, you’ll get a good deal, I’m not expecting to make any money, I just want to sell them off.