heres a vid of naucc. it doesnt come close to even showing wut happened. but its something to watch of naucc. it was a great time. thanks to everyone who made naucc wut it was. thanks tomey t
later jon

Thats cool. I liked the street comp footage.

I was just watching Alex’s Austrailian street weekend vid like an hour ago and you used the same song, its ok because I like the song anyway:)

That made me sad that I wasn’t there:( It looks like you guys had a great time though.

Thanks for posting that! It shows great footage of the Street Freestyle and Trials competitions, and a little bit of some of the other NAUCC events including flaming puck hockey, uphill/downhill racing and some Pairs & Group Freestyle.

A love the flaming puck and the uphill/downhill

That’s great. I never saw you make the big spool line, that looked hard.

I made my video, but it’s longer and I can’t upload anything over 10 megs into my gallery so the quality sucks.

Hey, who is that song by?

thats really insane heheh!

Anbelin. Paperthin Hymn

Great Christian band.


i agree.

poop!!! i cant see the video cuz it wont let me in the window and there is no download button.

Right click - Save as…

Now you can download it.