NAUCC World Record Challenge

On 12 June of this year, almost 1,250 unicyclists rode together for 500 meters to set a world record in Regensburg, Germany. Here’s a web site with info on the new World Record. It must have been awesome to be there!

About how many people will attend NAUCC? Any possible way to challenge this fantastic accomplishment?

Re: NAUCC World Record Challenge

Ummm, Not likely. I wonder how a country the size of a state can get that many people together, while we can’t get that many people to show up from all of North America. :thinking:

Get the most people to ride backwards.

Re: Re: NAUCC World Record Challenge

They must have better conventions. Maybe they focus on something other than just winning lots of ribbons and medals?

Expect NAUCC to have about 300-400 riders.

Re: Re: NAUCC World Record Challenge

I think you’ve answered your own question. Germany has a population of just over 80 million packed into an area a bit smaller than Montana.

The population of the US is just over 3.5 times Germany’s (82 mi vs 295 mi). The area of Germany is just under 138,000 sq miles; the area for the US is 3,717,792 square miles.

Germany is much are more densely populated. Very Concentrated.

Wich is why I like montana. But more unicyclists can move here.