NAUCC Web Site

I want to invite everybody to take a peek at the wonderful work of the Memphis Unicycle Club’s unicycling web master - MUC Rider.

He has done a wonderful job to create a web site to entice and inform those interested in attending this year’s biggest unicycle gathering in North America, the North American Unicycle Championships and Conference in Memphis, June 30th - July 5th.

Please visit:

See y’all in Memphis!


This looks good. For the time being, I would accentuate the size and color of the NAUCC 2006 link because it doesn’t jump right out at you. Then, add a “DONATE” link within the page. Hey, folks, you can donate to this event directly without the hint if you contact Tommy. Volunteer time is just as important as money as a donation.

Thanks for making this possible, Tommy.

I love the image of elvis with the unicycle!

I’ll be there!

One thing though, the events aren’t very detailed… are you going to have more details about events and stuff when it gets closer?


As the event date gets closer the details are coming into view. As Harper suggested, the details are often in the volunteers. Remember, it takes a little effort to throw a party but then you get to throw the party that you would want to attend. Make this YOUR NAUCC by contributing your time, energy and ideas.