NAUCC Video - Part 3

The not-so-long awaited final installment in my series of NAUCC videos :stuck_out_tongue:

-Eli Brill

no longer available due to copyright claim :frowning:

Yeeeah, uploading to vimeo now.

Awesome! I think this is my favourite part, the editing riding and filming were all amazing! Really well done, Naucc must have been a blast!


Loved the series man. You did a great job filming. And the edit was amazing for only a few days all together. You really did a good job showing how much fun naucc was as well as showing how much great riding happened. I really hope you keep making videos of any kind, you are great at it.

Oh man Shauns flip in and 180 out was soooo sick !!. Glad I made it into the video, sorry I couldnt offer much :o

sick video! man i wish i was there! i love the clip of daniel coasting and the mob of like 20 other unicyclists riding after him. loved the whole vid, part 1,2,and 3.

looks like big fun and big tricks, nice!

hahaha. Dude on the left at 1:11 takin a nap? :wink:

every part was awesome!!! we waant more!!

he wasnt napping… he actually broke hie wrist and laid there for 5 minutes.

oops, sorry. :o I hope he’s alright. :frowning: Heal fast.

Who’s the guy laying on the ground at 1:15? xD

Wow ya part 3 was my fav! seriously though flip in 180 out! Dayum

hahah colby we just went over this xD i just said he broke his worst and you know max was the only one with a broken wrist at naucc xD ahaha