NAUCC Video - Part 2

Enjoy! Part 3 is in the works :slight_smile:

-Eli Brill

What a thumbnail! hahaha Such a great video, Eli :smiley: You’ve done really well capturing the environment of NAUCC :slight_smile: Love it, man! Macrospin was HUGE!

Macrospin is a great name for it… great part two… i can’t wait for part 3 now. I really cant believe how quick you edit these… you are a bamf.

Amazing! So much awesome riding!

cant wait for part 3 :slight_smile: decade flips is so awesome! and everything really, great edit!

Awsome, gonna go watch it again. Then go unicycle cuz thats what it makes me want to do.

nice vid, and macrospin was sick

Aha, I love this video dude! And Macrospin… OOOOOOHH, sick dude!