NAUCC - Street Competition

Hey guys,

Cause I’m so excited for this comp I wanted to make a thread :stuck_out_tongue:


But thats all i know how to do and i want to enter the street comp!!


I’m really exited too, I’ve been practicing my hop on wheel a lot to get ready. My record is 53 hops in a row, I want to beat it in the comp :slight_smile:

lol <3

Even with my love of flat I will participate in using my booing mechanism if flat is used in a unstreet fashion.

I hope Shaun and Kelly judge, I’d rather MUUUCH RATHER they compete. But having good judges will be awesome. They’ll be able to notice all my blind and half rev tricks xD But I’m gonna tell them about them before the comp lolol

I look at the competitor list every now and then just to excite myself even more.

I just look at what you guys say every once and a while to keep my excitement level at its peak…

Me and Pele are gonna run a street workshop :stuck_out_tongue: that’ll be fun.

Maybe I can do a stair set.

At the moment, I am so bad at street and there are so many things I would have to practice, that I don’t know what to practice. Maybe it’s too late for me and I should just judge…

Nevertheless, NAUCC will be amazing.

Allwell… i think you would enjoy yourself more riding and competing rather than judging! mine as well get your moneys worth! who cares if you get killed, i like to watch your huge spins :sunglasses:

Hugo you have to compete! Your the 5th best street rider in the world!!! (;))

I need a trials wheel or I’ll be judging too :frowning:

Guys, it was a joke. There’s no way I won’t be competing in street. It’s not a matter of maybe I will get killed, I know I will, but street is fun. (was that a sentence ?..) And Chris, please please, stop with that.

I can’t wait to see the obstacles. I only hope the manny pads (if there’s one) will be larger than at Unicon and NAUCC’10.

Why its fun :stuck_out_tongue:

And the Unicon manny pad was a perfect 2 revs, what more could you need?

I didn’t mean longer, but larger. I hate to have to worry about falling off when riding backward after a 180 trick for example. And no, it was not perfect in length either (for my taste anyways), it was slightly too short. You either had to end in the corner, or hop back in the middle to have your pedals well placed to trick off.

I can’t wait to see the world’s best street rider in action !

haha dont worry hugo ill be competing in the street comp, i can guarantee youll beat at least one person :wink:

Heres what I’m bringing to the comp!

And ok it wasn’t perfect 2 revs, it was if your good at flipping onto it and landing right on the edge tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but you are forgetting us backflippers. We need a little extra quarter of rev to snap when tricking off.

And Jacob, we all know you can beat me hands down at street, the only problem is that the park will probably not be suited for your 24.