NAUCC Street Comp

so so good…awesome filming work. and such amazing riding… 5:11 blew my mind… and chris H’s flip catches are so much nicer than anyone anywhere ever. :slight_smile:

Great video! Awesome camera work and editing! Amazing riding by everyone too!

That was awesome. What a great view to see things from. Really nice to feel like I was back there.

Christian killed it…


That was wick. Thanks spencer and sophia for tag team filming it, so much better to watch.

That was wick??? :thinking:
How about: man the riding and the video were spleen!

Lordy that’s a cool video. I gotta get there next year and see it live.

Awwww yea!!!

Chris is boss. Also I think Dan Cowling was one of the best riders in the competition.

Dan did some awesome stuff in prelims and he had the same consistency level as me I think, he placed 3rd after prelims… but in the finals, Dan landed next to nothing…

I didn’t really try any hard tricks, I fell 4 times in total for the whole competition, my ankle was in a lot of pain for the whole competition, I rode without an ankle guard cause it was squeezing my swollen ankle haha.

Max and Forrest! They were trying some amazing tricks and I give them props for that.

Kevin surprised me so much, but I guess that’s cause I haven’t seen his riding for a long time, he tried hard tricks AND had pretty good consistency through out the competition.

Hugo did great aswell, did different tricks to most of us and was fairly consistent.

Colby… Ummm :stuck_out_tongue: You need to try less harder tricks I think, you did well in the final zone though.

Edit: Shaun and Kelly need to compete next year, they will give us all a challenge.