Naucc Sign Up....

So guys i want to freakin sign up for naucc today. but i am not a USA member. I am going to become one but i got to mail all that crap in to get my member # that i need to register for naucc. Anybody got any ideas how i can make this happen?

Also, Any of you guys that were in moab… what do you think? should i try to go for expert trials or intermediate?

And if anybody has some genral advise about getting signed up that would be great to…

When you register for NAUCC, you can mark that you want to join the USA as part of your NAUCC payment. If you’ve already signed up as a USA member but haven’t received your information, you can provide that at a later date. Just register NOW.

To register for NAUCC:
Go to the Registration page.

Deadline is today for the cheapest price.


Ah, I was wondering about that, even though I’m already a member.

Um I’d say go for expert. Unless you really want to win; you could probably take intermediate easy enough…

Well now i am all signed up… thanks guys