NAUCC side games!

Hey Everyone,

Looking at the schedule for NAUCC there isn’t much to do for street riders. I don’t plan on racing at all or doing any artistic events. I was wondering if a lot of you street riders who might be bored want to do game upon game of any street game you can think of. The skatepark out there is pretty rad so we could throw down on that the whole time. U-N-I or any other games anyone can think of. I know Kelly, Spencer, and I will most likely take this route. Get a hold of me if you are interested in chilling with us and joining us in any of this at NAUCC. Thanks guys, look forward to riding with you.

pardon my stupidity, but where is NAUCC being held this year, and when? again pardon my lack of observance and stupidity

And your lack of ability to use a search engine?

i knew there was something i forgot…although i’m actually at work and all search engines have been blocked on this server. lol…it’s all good though and thank you. sadly i won’t be able to make it though…i really want to ride with some good street riders.

this sounds awesome. i can’t wait.

Sucks that I’m doing like all the events.

Oh well. I might sit out on a few to ride with other street ones.

I’m up for it. I was going to do a freestyle routine but never came up with anything + I’d rather do this.