NAUCC rules questions

ok, so who do I contact for rules concerning this upcoming naucc?

The published USA competition rules are here.

I know that a revision to the rule book is pending, but I don’t know the schedule. The current published rules are a good starting point.

Andy Cotter has been discussing some MUni rules for NAUCC 2008 on this forum; use the, “Search,” feature to find the thread.

I couldnt find andy cotter’s thread.
what should i search?

I searched for “Andy Cotter” and it was 3rd on the page.

hey Spence! we need to ride again!

I found it thanks!

anyone else I should contact other than andy cotter?

there is an updated 2008 rule book too!

here is the link

I plan on using a geared hub in some of the events, but I dont know for which ones they are legal…

Hi Joe, sorry I haven’t gotten back to your email yet…

Geared unicycles:
With the rising popularity of off-track racing, our once-simple rules are getting more complicated. Most forms of racing are only for “standard” unicycles (definition in Section 1.8 of the 2008 USA Ruleboook). Standard unicycles may only be direct drive, so no gearing.

But today we have more and more races happening away from the track. In general, MUni races don’t have the restrictions of track unicycles, but this year we have two divisions for the 13-mile XC race. The “regular” or “under 29-inch” category will be for standard unicycles only. Geared unicycles, regardless of wheel size, must enter in the Unlimited category. Same for the 10k.

On reading the rules today, I notice it’s very unclear what the restrictions are for MUni, as it only briefly mentions “unrestricted unicycles.” But that’s what it means, normally no limit to wheel size or crank length. The only one I’m aware of at the moment is the separation of the Unlimited category in the long XC race. Otherwise your geared MUni should be good to go in all MUni races and the Unlimited 10k.

Not that it’s necessarily the best cycle for all of those races, but that’s another story. We’re still waiting to hear more on the details of the race courses in terms of distance, climb, start and end elevation, and type/difficulty of terrain along the way.

The current rules for the Long Jump competition are also found in the USA Rulebook. Let us know if you have any additional questions on that. The rules do not mention any limitations on the unicycles, and the assumption (in the past) has been that anything goes here as well. I don’t think geared unicycles would be restricted, though I don’t think they would be helpful either.


that answers all my questions guys thanks everyone so much!