NAUCC Registration

NAUCC 2007 will be held in Saline, Michigan, Friday, July 27 - Wednesday, August 1, 2007. Please visit for more information.

RTUC is happy to announce that registration for NAUCC 2007 has begun. You may register on-line or via snail mail through the NAUCC 2007 website, If you register on-line you have the option to pay by credit card or debit card through PayPal. There are NO additional fees if you choose to register or pay on-line. (You may also send in a check if you register on-line.) The early registration deadline is April 14, 2007, so don’t delay.

The hotel information will be on the website soon. We have secured 90 rooms in two local hotels at a discounted NAUCC rate. The rates are $55/night and $59/night. Both hotels offer a continental breakfast and have swimming pools.

Looking forward to seeing YOU this summer,

Wendy Grzych and all of RTUC

Cool, have any decisions been made about a possible street comp? It isn’t listed under events (other than fun rides).

Yep, there will be a street competition. It will be held on the second day of the track competition, Tuesday, July 31. Trials will be set up on both Monday, July 30 and Tuesday, July 31, right outside the track venue. The street competition will take place there. You’ll find it listed under “Schedule” on “Day 5”.

Hi Wendy!
So about those hotels. How do they compare to the Quality Inn in Bowling Green? :slight_smile: The discounted rate is great, but we’ll stay elsewhere if they’re on a par with that one…

Looking forward to NAUCC!

Thanks for getting this up.

My 5 will be registering shortly.


You asked about hotels…

One of the hotels we’ve secured (at $59/night) is a Best Western. I don’t think anyone could be disappointed staying there…


The Best Western Executive Plaza, Ann Arbor, looks very nice. Is that the one? I couldn’t find a listing on the NAUCC web site.

Is the convention being held at a high school?

Yes, the Executive Plaza in AA is the one. We have a signed contract with them, but we’re waiting for their final authorization before we post the information so there won’t be any problems in reserving rooms when registrants call them for rooms. It’s a very nice hotel and the rates we were able to secure are amazing.

We’re actually using the track at the middle school in Saline (which is the former high school) and we’re using the gym at the former middle school (which is now nothing - as far as Saline Public Schools go). Both facilities are nice and will accomodate our needs fully.


If there is a projector or big tv available I think a video competition like at FLUCK and BUC would be cool.

Oh and are trials unis allowed in the gym for the freestyle competition?

I would like this very much as well.

Trials unis will only be allowed in the gym if they have non-marking tires and if they have non-metal pedals. Obviously we can’t risk ruining a rented gym floor.

If your unis cannot be adapted to be allowed on the gym floor, there will be “fun rides” available in area parks and streets. You’re also welcome to explore area mountain bike trails on your own. An especially rugged one is the Potawatomi Trail. See for more information.

I tried using the add a family member button, and it doesn’t seem to be working. It allows me to fill in new info, but it seems like it isn’t keeping any info from the first entry. It doesn’t reflect the added person in the cost, and there is no way to tell if I actually saved the first or just wrote over them.

O, boy!! I can’t wait, I plan on cokering there!!

I talked to our webmaster about what you wrote and he said that other families have been registering just fine. He will add his email to the registration page should you encounter any problems or if you have any concerns. Thanks for letting us know that there may be a kink in the system somewhere.

I am using Vista, so maybe there is some issue. I will try another computer with XP and an older browser.