NAUCC - racing

As a first time competitor at NAUCC I am getting my equipment ready. This is my interpretation of the rule book as regards to the size limitations of racing unicycles.

All track racing:

  1. ages 10 and older – maximum wheel size is 24.333 inches in diameter with minimum of 125mm cranks
  2. ages 10 and younger have the option to ride on smaller wheels with shorter cranks.

Muni which includes 1) Cross Country (off-road) racing, 2) Uphill, 3) Downhill and 4) Trials has no restriction on wheel or crank sizes.

For track racing, required safety equipment includes: 1) knee pads, 2) hand protection and 3) shoes (not sandals). For off-road racing you must also have 4) a helmet.

If this is not right, someone please correct me.

That sounds about right. Our rulebook should probably be better at spelling all of that out, but it’s grown over the years and relevant bits of information are now scattered around.

One detail you may have missed is that riders 10 and under must ride 20" or smaller wheels, with the associated minimum crank length for those. If they only have a 24" wheel they can enter with the 11-12 riders.