NAUCC question

hey everyone. I have a question about signing up for NAUCC. On the homepage, it says that you have to be a member of the USA(unicycling corporation of America, or something like that)to compete in anything. How do I become a member if I have to do this? Did everyone have to do this last year? Thanks in advance.
Forrest Rackard

The membership is required for insurance purposes. If the NAUCC registration form doesn’t include a place for you to add a USA membership, I’d just go ahead and fill it all out, then go to the USA web site and sign up there:

Note: your membership is supposed to include a quarterly newsletter, but we’re coming up on two years without any of those :astonished: Hopefully this will be resolved soon. But to participate at NAUCC you still need the membership, because the convention liability insurance is tied to that.

Note to NAUCC hosts:
Please include a USA membership join/renew option into your registration form. Just remember to track the money separately so you can send the correct amount to USA afterward.


The North American Unicycling Championships and Convention (NAUCC) are sponsored annually by the Unicycling Society of America (USA). One must be a member in good standing of the USA in order to register as a competitor and take part in any of the competitive events. To my knowledge, this has been a requirement since the USA was founded in 1973.

The official USA membership application may be found at:

Tom Daniels
Former President

Oh, just fantastic, I figure this out today so I can’t complete the NAUCC registration before the early registration period. Why do we have to mail in the USA registration info? No online form?

You can register for NAUCC without being a USA member. You just have to have your USA membership before you compete. The USA is run by volunteers. Send this in as soon as possible so it can be processed before you are at NAUCC. When you pick up your registration packet at NAUCC you can update it with your USA information.

Just because I am curious, what does the $80/$90 registration fee go towards?

Insurance, building rental, track rental, timing system if it is being used, track numbers, paper copies, postage. These are just some of the costs of running an event. Up front cost of any food being sold. Oh, you can’t forget the Medals and Ribbons.