NAUCC Program Ad Opportunity:

To all unicyclists, unicycle clubs and supporters:

Hundreds of unicyclists from around North America will gather in Memphis, Tennessee, for the North American Unicycle Championships and Conference (NAUCC), June 30th through July 5th. To learn more about this exciting event visit:

To show your support for this international artistic and athletic event and to promote your business or organization, you may buy an ad in the NAUCC program. This published booklet will contain essential information that will be used throughout this six-day event. Each participant will receive a copy of the NAUCC program containing your advertisement. If appropriate, feel free in your ad to encourage participants to visit your establishment or learn about your organization while attending the championships and convention.

Ad pricing: (a page is 8 ½ “ X 11”)
$100 for corporate full-page
$50 for half-page
$20 for business card size ad
(Unicycle clubs will receive a 50% discount.)

To reserve your space in the printing in this publication send your photo ready ad to:

The deadline for submissions is June 17th. The preferred format for ad submissions is the TIFF format. However, our editor can use most commonly used formats. Please call 901.272.0041 or 901.230.0476 for further information.

Please makes check payable to the Memphis Unicycle Club and mail to:
Memphis Unicycle Club
1616 Eastmoreland
Memphis, TN 38104

Tommy Thompson
NAUCC – 2006, Director

Hmmm, I wonder who should be doing this stuff?

I’ll send you something, not sure about the type of file though.

Hey Bugman,

Any type file will work. The editor can take what you have and put it to print.

This program is coming along nicely. This will be a keeper AND have essential Memphis - NAUCC “survival” info. Plus, we are hoping to have some great coupons that our attendees will be able to take advantage of while here in Memphis.