NAUCC pics compilation


I was wondering if everybody who took photos with a digital camera could send me a burned cd of them. I would then compile a cd with all of the pics on it and send it to anyone who wanted one free of charge.

I am glad to pay for shipping.

Alex Pedersen
1002 N MacArthur
Spokane Valley, WA.


Please send me an email before you ship your cd so I can know how many cds I should wait for before I make a master copy.


my email is

please do!

I was there, but didn’t take any pics. I’d be happy to help bankroll this for a completed CD! Good luck!

If you only took a few pics or if you have like 20megs or less of pics you can send them to my email address in a zipped file. Please send the origional full size pics though.




come on peoples :slight_smile:

I would bet a lot of the people who went to NAUCC also went to Japan. Give them all time to get back to their homes, then check into this again.

Maybe you can do a full NAUCC / UNICON 12 compilation.

Hi Alex,

I can gladly send you a CD with copies of all the pictures I took at the NAUCC and you don’t have to pay for the shipping. You can see the pictures at this address:

Carlos Medina

I am happy to provide you my NAUCC pictures for free. No CD is required since they can be downloaded from:

I suspect that some of the pictures are only of interest to me and my family though.