NAUCC Photos

I’ve uploaded a few of my photos from NAUCC to a gallery.

They can be found at:

Also, Max Dingemans has a NAUCC gallery with more photos at:

I know that many of you that were there took lots of great photos. I forgot to get pictures of a lot of the stuff going on so if you feel so inclined please post your photos for all to enjoy.



Nice shots. I like that second one with the racer’s face blurred out. Like he’s in the “Unicycling Witness Protection Program”.

I was surprised at all the little kids racing on the track w/o helmets. I thought USA was a bit harder-core on that at official events.

I got my videos up!!

Photos not likely to be posted until after Unicon, but here are the video clips I’ve managed to upload:

Notice the file sizes are rather large. The 60+ MB ones are the entire 4 minute performances! I have not had a chance to test all the links so I hope they all work for you. Have fun downloading! Watch my bandwidth use go sky high for this month!

Thanks guys for posting your pictures as well. Hopefully mine will be worth the wait…

Does anyone have any pictures from the 10k? Our local newspaper is doing a story on the event and is looking for a picture or two. Thanks.

Re: NAUCC Photos

I think the helmet issue depends on who is hosting the event. When it is in
Washington, if I remember right, helmets were required in all events.
Barb K.

Yeah, that’s sorta weird. I did not intentionally blur the photo. That’s just how it came out. Maybe he just watched a strange, secret video and has only seven days to live.

The official USA rules state:

2.4.1 BASIC SET: This applies to all track events, plus any other track or field event not requiring the full set below.
The basic set consists of shoes, kneepads, and wristguards or gloves meeting the definitions in section 1.28.

2.4.2 FULL SET: This applies to all MUni, Trials, downhill racing (Gliding), any event that goes backward at speed,
plus events that may be named elsewhere. The full set consists of the basic set, with the additional requirement of a
helmet. See definitions in section 1.28.

Thankfully everyone who raced also wore clothing that covered the esentials.

At the speeds my kids ride the helmets didn’t seem necessary.


Re: Re: NAUCC Photos

Helmets were required for all Panther Pride riders, which I believe is a sound school/club policy. But Alan Tepper chose not to challenge the determination of riders by making it a rule for the convention. Helmet use has been deemed optional for the time being, except in the events listed above. I would prefer High Jump and Long Jump be added to the helmet list because those would seem likely to generate more falls.

Our sport still being in its infancy, there is as yet no evidence to indicate riders will be less injured with helmets. Though on the one hand they provide obvious protection against knocks, studies with bicyclists suggest that helmeted riders take more risks. Still, I’m glad our Trials competitors are wearing them…

Ryan wossener was amazing that riding was stuff i have never seen before and when he fell it was hard to tell he meant to do that, it was also funny how it was chriographed to the music. ill try to watch some more of johns vids its just there all kind of big.

were nice. I loved to see Alan Tepper cooking. Eh, well… that is… see him having fun with his riders. Lovely.

I have a couple of good photos of you racing. Send me your e-mail and I’ll send you the copies.
Alan Tepper

Michael and Max, thank you for posting your pictures so soon after NAUCC. Michael, couldn’t you have humored me and “Photoshopped” me ahead of you in at least one of the track events. You kept telling me you weren’t there to really race, but then I’d spend each race riding in your draft. You were fun to ride with and race against.

Everybody else who took pictures, please keep us updated about where you’ve posted them. People were taking digital pictures like crazy at NAUCC. I know we all can’t wait to see them.