NAUCC now live at UTV

Dunno for how long it will be available but here is a live stream…

upstream crashed, restarted; now live again with basketball on.

Done for tonight, tomorrow again.


and live again!

Will it be live for trials?

Nah, I don’t expect so. The guy who does the upstream does it because he’s there, and there is free wifi, and power. I’m afraid at the trials those 3 required elements are all missing :frowning:

And gym is closed, and so the stream.


And now the public show…

i hate working through all of this!!!

Is that just your brainfart? Or is it in regards to the quality of the stream or the fact that gym closed?

Ah, that seems to answer my very first question.
You don’t have to work through all of this; only if you are interrested in what the distinctive topic title tells you.

I think he means that he is working instead of being able to attend/watch the event :stuck_out_tongue:

I am at work when its live!!

Ah, OK, sorry for my misinterpretation, but I didn’t had too much context to understand this. Well; hopefully you can catch something of next UNICON, with a time-difference that should be possible.

I had to say that of all pairs I found the level amazingly high, but contrary, I didn’t notice anything that I never saw before. I find that strange.

didnt mean to make it sound like i was yelling.