I just noticed that the NAUCC Muni racing form says “Max 24” wheel".

What the heck? Is this serious?

I can see this on the track but in off-road?

as far as I can tell that’s what the form has said for years. but NO, normal munis and what-not are allowed.

Ah cool. I was on a rant before, I suppose. It makes sense to have some restrictions but I don’t have a 24"er. :frowning: Yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks very much Max!

According to section 2.25 of the USA rulebook:
“Unicycles must be human powered only, but with no other restrictions on wheel size, crank arm length, or drive train.”

I interpret this to mean that there are no wheel size or crank arm restrictions. Just that the unicycle must be human powered. The word “other” can lead to some confusion, but I think it’s just that it is other than being human powered.

For trials, there are two different classes for unicycles listed in the IUF rulebook, however, it also states that they can be combined, usually depending on the number of participants. Both classes cover pretty much any unicycle, so if combined, there are no restrictions except that it is human powered.

In the past, there have been no restrictions other than that the unicycle fits the definition of a “standard unicycle” which is defined in section 1.28 of the USA rulebook.

Since I am involved in running these events, we will follow this interpretation of the rules unless it is pointed out that I have missed something.

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Where will the Muni events be for NAUCC?

It seems most likely at this time that they’ll be at hillside park in elk river, about a 45 minute drive from the gym at augsberg.