NAUCC Muni pictures

I finally got around to putting my album together for the pictures I took during NAUCC. I only took pictures of the first three muni fun rides. I was too lazy to take pictures of anything else.

NAUCC 2004 Muni Rides gallery


Way to go! Great photography! Thanks for posting these.

I especially like the picture of Reid (07150008.JPG), using his Camelbak feeder tube, trying to suck air out of his tire as he was trying to stave-off altitude sickness.


Nice shots. I rode the Pipeline Trail in Millcreek in early June, but it looks like Rolf found some other good ones in the same canyon system.

What kind of muni frame does Andy Cotter have? It looks kind of like a Telford, but not quite.

It’s a Telford.

Re: NAUCC Muni pictures

“john_childs” wrote:
> I finally got around to putting my album together for the pictures I
> took during NAUCC. I only took pictures of the first three muni fun
> rides.

Beautiful pics. I just got my uni and I’m ignorant of the ways of MUni, so
please do not be offended. Why is everybody walking up the mountain - is it
impossible to ride up so steep a slope?

Possibly for some of them, yes it is (unlikeyly, though), but more likely it’s just easier to walk. On long muni rides it’s more fun to walk the clims and save the energy for the downhill. This didn’t look like a very technical ride (from the pictures) though, so it was probably just because the trail was steep enough and didn’t have enough grip that to ride it would quickly consume energy. That or there’s a large(ish)uphill root sectiopn every few hundred yards that just makes riding pointless. I personally try to ride as much as possible, but sometimes I just don’t feel like wasting my energy on long, boring uiphills.

I’ve seen people Peck a hill (hop up sideways) that they couldn’t ride because it was to steep. Where there’s a Will there’s a way - always ride with Will.:wink: :smiley:

I’ve pecked extrememly long distances before. It sucks. One time there was a long, duty climb of about 700-1000 vertical feet, and I pecked about 100 of them, before I noticed there was no end in sight and if I wanted to make it up the hill I’d better walk. At moab 2004 a large part of the trials course was just a sort of “extreme pecking”. The last two sections were insanely hard, but doable. I tried them and made the first part after about 10 tries, and the second after about 15. Kris Holm barely made it, and Ryan Atkins did them both in 2 tries.

Re: Re: NAUCC Muni pictures

The people who were walking were wimps! :smiley:

I was riding parts of the climb, but most everyone else was walking the whole way. The climb wasn’t too steep to climb, but it was a long climb and gained about 800 feet. Combine the steepness of the climb and the altitude (the climb started at about 9000 feet and ended at about 9800 feet) it was a difficult climb, especially for people who live down at sea level rather than up at 6000+ feet. That climb has a nickname of something like Puke Hill. Walking the climb was the sensible thing to do to save the legs and energy for muni rides the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day.

Hopefully those pictures will shame those people into riding the climb next time they’re on a group muni ride. :slight_smile:

I just added links to for trail descriptions for each day. The links are in the gallery descriptions for each day. So for everyone there who can’t remember what trails they rode on what day, well, there it is.

Wednesday, July 14th
Millcreek Pipeline Trail and Rattlesnake Gulch
Approximately 7 miles
Elevation loss 700 feet

Thursday, July 15th
Wasatch Crest Trail and Mill D North Fork
Approximately 8 miles
Elevation gain 1000 feet
Elevation loss 2700 feet

Friday, July 16th
Millcreek, Dog Lake Trail
Approximately 7 miles
Elevation gain 900 feet
Elevation loss 900 feet
This ride started and ended at the same spot

Saturday, July 17th

Sunday, July 18th
MUni races and trials and 10K marathon at Soldier Hollow