NAUCC Monday Photos

I have uploaded some photos from the track and field events on Monday, 22 July at Issaquah High School. I also have some of the indoor performances but my indoor shots are again lacking in quality. There will eventually be about 75 uncaptioned photos in this album.

Again, much root beer was distributed.


Thanks for the photos. It it nice to be able to see what you cats are up to. I wish I weren’t at work with an impossible deadline for a deadbeat company … argh.


Re: NAUCC Monday Photos

Amazing! The way you manipulated the photos so that several of the participants appeared to be 1 foot gliding with their entire body off to the side of the unicycle was quite clever Greg. But you see, I have been unicycling long enough to know that riding in such a way defies gravity, and is not possible. So, when you get a chance please send the real ones.

Only those that have consumed too much root beer would think they could fool the experienced unicyclist.


Great photo’s! Can’t wait to see some of Harper playing unicycle basketball. “Shadow”

Re: NAUCC Monday Photos

My favorite is #74 of Zach Vaughn doing a suicide mount in his first OPEN-X
routine(he got the gold!)
We are having a great time here.
The house is full of national champs and great guys. Some of us are taking a
day of rest and laundry before it all starts again tomorrow. Registration
starts first thing until 5 and at 7 the opening ceremonies for UNICON 11 start
followed by a Public Show.
It has been hot.
Just heard that 20 Chinese riders will be arriving in North Bend this evening.
Medals and ribbons? yes my kids brought home some.
2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths,
details later, they have everything hidden in a safe place.
Come visit me at the merchandizing tent to purchase, Unicon 11 shirts and hats
and water bottle lanyards.
I still have NAUCC shirts left for those who didn’t get one.

Barb K.

Re: Re: NAUCC Monday Photos

I think that was the one where he set up the yike, spun 360 with the yike suspended as if by wires and then did the suicide mount. It was cool.