NAUCC Lodging

So This is the first NAUCC for Jerrick and I, and Joe Campbell i think. And we are going to need a place to stay when we get down there. Spencer said something about them having space down there but i pretty much dont know a thing about it.

So If anyone could offer us some room or information leading to a good sleepy time place, or you know about the lodging there. Please let me or Jerrick know

I was probably talking about unicon because I also don’t know about naucc;)
The NAUCC site links to this site, so you can look here for hotels and stuff.

argh… i just dont think we can afford a hotel… this is going to be like, the stingiest road trip of all time…

Are you going Spencer? and what are you cats doing?

Pitch a tent by your car?

Im pretty flexible with how, where, and when I sleep, so anything will work for me. Three guys slammed into a car. Mmm hmmm…

Have you guys checked out a hostel website? They usualy have cheap places to stay, you guys could probably get a dorm style room for all of you.

My family is staying here…

Are most ppl going for trials/street comps? How many of you are going primarily for the MUni events? Just curious.:slight_smile:

I’m going for almost everthing (freestyle, muni, street, trials). I’m bringing my trials, freestyle, and I just bought a 24" nimbus with double hole moments (125 hole for xc and 150 hole for technical muni)

I know you didn’t mention racing, but note that if you have a 24" MUni, the tire may be too big for the track. The maximum wheel size is 24 1/3 inches, or 61.8 mm. A 3" Muni tire is closer to 26"!

Have fun at your first NAUCC! I’ll be there. We’re staying at the Best Western Ramkota.

I’m not going to be doing racing anyway, but thanks.

Ok, back on topic guys.

I keep asking this, is anyone staying here?

You havent asked that in this thread.

And im not sure, Phil will check it out.

Anyway we could sleep somewhere for free?

it just goes to show ya that the majority of people that go to NAUCC probably dont check up on this site much

Yeah, sometimes I forget that the users of the forums actually represent a relatively small portion of the unicycling community.

it just kinda sucks cause i am sure there is someone going that totaly has an answer to our question… i guess i could try couch surfing

Phil_on_uni asked

There are a few options listed on the NAUCC web page

Some people are camping (sufer1024 and others).

Many people stay in hotels. I doubt you’ll find free lodging - this is a tourist town and we’re going there during one of their busiest times. In my opinion, your best bet is to find a few people and share a cheap hotel.

A reminder to those who havent registered - all artistic events have a sign-up deadline of June 11. If you’re thinking of just going to NAUCC, registering there, and deciding at that time to enter the Street Comp, then you will NOT be allowed to enter. So register soon.

NAUCC 2008 Volunteer

We are staying at a campground/cabin thing in Hill City, which is like 20 minutes out of Rapid City.

I think it’s just called Hill City Campground. We get a furnished cabin with electtricity and a microwave for $50 a day.

What hotels are there to choose from? thanks.

please. what hotels are some of you guys staying in. im not talkin about campgrounds.:slight_smile: