NAUCC Lodging

Where are folks staying for the NAUCC in Salt Lake? There is only one suggestion on the NAUCC web site. Have any of you found a better deal or a place more centrally located?



If you don’t care for the Homestead Suites, check out the Crystal Inns:

Karen and I spent a long weekend in SLC early in May scouting venues and hotels. The Crystal Inns look to be the best bet for the money if you are looking for a place with a pool (the Homestead doesn’t have a pool - otherwise it is also very good). The Panther Pride team is booked in to the Crystal Inn - West Valley (next to the E Center). This is about an eleven mile ride to Skyline High School. The Crystal Inn - Mid Valley is closer to Skyline High School (about five miles); we liked the area around the E Center a little better (seemed to be more restaurants within walking distance).

Tom Daniels

Jacquie and I are booked at the Homestead. Would the Crystal Inn happen to have Internet access, by any chance? That might be motivation for us to switch…


The Crystal Inn West Valley has free, high-speed WiFi access throughout the hotel. If you do not own a WiFi card for your laptop (or have built in WiFi, as I do), you may borrow a WiFi PC Card for the duration of your stay. They also have an, “Internet Cafe,” in the lobby next to their free breakfast area (buffet-style including eggs - not just the usual pre-packaged muffin, “Continental,” breakfast). The, “Internet Cafe,” was a desktop machine running a browser. The rooms all have a small refrigerator, a microwave and a small coffee maker. The indoor pool was immediately adjacent to the lobby.

I believe the other Crystal Inns are similar. We did exterior drive-bys of the Mid Valley and Downtown locations but did not go inside.


I just booked my reservation for the Crystal Inn - West Valley. Anybody else wanting to stay there can contact me if they would like to room with me and share the expenses. I also have rented a car for the week and I’d LOVE to share this expense, too, with a carpool bud.


I’d be interested.
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