NAUCC High and Long Jump??


I was wondering if there was a high jump and long jump at NAUCC and if so when? Is that part added in at the Track all day section at noon on wednesday? Also if this exists, to not kill the thread right away, who will be doing them? I was hoping to 180 over 2m long jump, and flip up over 75cm high jump.

-Shaun Johanneson

Those events are listed on the registration form. Usually they are held during track events because there is always space and plenty of down time for riders. Logially it would be a better fit to hold these events along with MUni and Trials events, but often the time or space for them does not exist there.

The events are volunteer-run, so it’s often not known who will run them until those volunteers are found. The cool feats you described above would be cool to photograph/video, but not necessarily appropriate for your actual competition runs. You should attempt them separately, as time allows, to get plenty of tries.

Eh with the feats he described, he won’t need multiple tries. I say… Go for it.


Yeah, there is a high jump (it’s over a bar) and a long jump.

For the 180 and flip, that’d be hella sick. I think Brent Gerret last year flipped the long jump at 205 cm, which was pretty sick (this is just fooling around time) and I remember I hit abut 36cm flip up (though I sucked at street last year). I’m wondering how much better I’ll do this year.

I would disagree, I think its better to hold these events on a seperate day, as most people who are competing in them won’t want to tire themselves out for the trials and muni riding. High and Long jump take a lot of energy and so having them on a seperate day means that you don’t have to worry about over exerting yourself on them.

last year street was terrible because it was like 5 maybe 10 minutes after the trials comp. but that different this year right?