NAUCC Early Registration Deadline Extended

If you haven’t sent in your registration form for NAUCC, you’re in luck!!! Organizers have extended the date for which registrations will be accepted WITHOUT the late fee to: June 14!!!


Cool, I missed the last deadline by a day and hadn’t been to motivated to fill out the forms. I’ll get it in today.

Everybody register now if possible! The hosts need the data, and your checks, to pay their pre-convention expenses and deposits.

Also, if you’re interested in workshops, either attending or putting one on, please post in the thread below, or send an email to my address at the bottom. Workshops can be anything, and do not have to be dull lecture-demos. They can be games, informal contests (such as a Sumo tournament), demonstrations of interesting cycles and props, or discussions about whatever you’re interested in. These workshops will be during the first two days of the convention, with schedule details to follow.

Please do not post workshop discussion here.
Post here:

Games are always fun.

I have the form filled out and check written, but i don’t have my USA member number with me at work. Should I send it in w/o the number, or wait another day and track the number down?


If you e-mail me with your name I will send you your USA, Inc. membership number.

Tom Daniels

tadaniels AT usa DOT net

Thanks Tom, Sent you an e-mail.

Does anyone know if there is a block of rooms at the Hampton Inn that have been reserved? Seems they are booked for the weekend, and the guy couldn’t find or didn’t know what group rooms might be reserved under.

We must have a pool, so as much as I would love to stay at the Quality Inn, Best Western has a pool, and was the closest option. If anyone has sved a block of rooms at the Best Western, Please If anyone has reserved rooms to qualify for a group rate, let me know so I can help fill the rooms. If we don’t, the group rate goes up.

Also what other hotels are people reserving rooms? I would be willing to stay further out, but really liked the proximity of the Best Western to all the events. I could Uni everywhere from there.

It also looks like there is a Days Inn right in the same area, any reason why they were not on the NAUCC Hotel list?

Giant cockroaches. But I’m sure you can take care of that.

Bugman, Quality Inn has a pool. Don’t know why the NAUCC info says otherwise, but their web site has a picture, I think. Darren Bedford has visited the hotel in person.

If rooms are blocked, it should be under “NAUCC 2005” or whatever is indicated on the registration form.

Thanks for the heads up. I called and made reservations. Not only do they have a pool, it is an indoor pool. So no matter how the weather is the kids can still have fun. THe best part is, I am going to be were everything is happening! Can’t wait!