NAUCC countdown


Probably the shortest countdown i’ve started but oh well.

55 days!

-Shaun Johanneson

Woo 55 days.

But only 37 days till I come to your house…Then Ill be at your house for 37 days and 36 nights!!!


Yeah! 55 days!

This time I don’t mind the wait! In fact I wish it was farther away… Oh well.

Ya i am kinda feeling the same way…

i have so much more training to do

Cool, can’t wait to see Pele ripping up the street comp hehheh. (if you guys have one, I don’t even know what naucc is for.)

Hope you guys make some nice vids.

I am going to be in North Dakota a week after :frowning:

North American Unicycling Confrence & Championships

OHhhh there will be a street competition :sunglasses:


Lol… ahem what… We’re talking about Pele here.

So its more then a casual meet, wonderful.

ya i wasn’t dissin pele in anyway. i was just implying that i will be participating in the street comp also.

53 days.

Ah yeah, I can’t wait till the Street comp also! I really have no idea how that will turn out. My flips tend to start sucking for some reason when I am nervous, so i better work on that…

Eh just a competition. Have fun, it won’t be too bad. As long as your riding and having fun then its all good. Even though I say that. Ill probably be nervous too. Whether you get 1st or last its still a good time.


I’m sure it will be fun, but i still wanna beat you all! lol.

Ha, it will still be good times either way.


For sure. Man, I can’t wait to ride w/ u and Shaun for the first time. (as well as all the other street riders that are going that haven’t gone last year… as well as those that have haha)

NAUCC? what is this?

is it countdown till KH visits SJ or something?

Lol nub. Read the actually thread before posting.


It’s funny with this comp coming up i’m not practicing at all. I’ve ridden twice in the last three weeks both were only casual. ha. Oh well