The best thing I can say about them both is that they are finally over … all
joking aside, it was a great two weeks. Almost everyone was friendly and I had
a great time. I didn’t see as much as I would have liked to but I have yet to
review the tapes my husband filmed.
I just got so I could recognize everyone by the clothes they were wearing and
then a new day started. (I was in a red shirt everyday.) Then the shirt trading
started and everyone all of a sudden was from a different country.
We had Chinese wearing the Swiss shirts, USA was in German and so on.
Highlights: The Bainbridge Island trip- especially when I found out I can’t
tell time and missed the ferry (along with my husband Tom and a new friend),
luckily there was another one so we didn’t miss the parade line up. Our kids
thought it was great that We missed it. They got to make their own way from the
Seattle waterfront to the Space Needle.
It was great experience realizing that at anyone time 95% of the people around
me rode a unicycle. Imagine a high school gym with one side of the bleachers
completely full, of unicyclists.

My worse experience was telling a German hockey team they couldn’t shower at
the High School because it was closed for the night.
Now it is back to the real world.

Barb K.

I agree with Barb and want to add an additional thank you to all who attended. Your gift of riding was awesome to watch and your positive energy created an electric environment. The event is now a memory but the positive feelings inside will always roll on.
Have One Wheelly Wonderful August,
Alan Tepper