NAUCC and UNICON 11 MUni Fun Ride Dates and Locations

For anyone trying to refresh their memory or put dates and locations to pictures, here are the dates and locations for the Fun Rides during NAUCC and UNICON 11.

Sunday, July 21:
Iverson Railroad Trail (Fat Hand Trail) - Tiger Mountain

Monday, July 22:
Tolt-MacDonald Park - Carnation, WA

Tuesday, July 23:
Northwest Timber Trail - Tiger Mountain

Wednesday, July 24:
Saint Edward State Park & Big Finn Hill Park - Kenmore, WA

Thursday, July 25:
Iron Horse Trail - Hyak to Olallie State Park

Friday, July 26:
Rat Pac - Cle Elum, WA

Saturday, July 27:
Bainbridge Island & Seattle & Seafair Torchlight Parade

Sunday, July 28:
Snoqualmie Summit Biking Center

Monday, July 29:
No MUni Fun Ride, watched expert freestyle

Tuesday, July 30:
Preston Railroad Trail & Northwest Timber Trail & Iverson Railroad Trail - Tiger Mountain

Wednesday, July 31:
Winery Trail - Near Snoqualmie, WA

Thursday, August 1:
Towers Of Power, Tapeworm - Renton, WA

Friday, August 2:
MUni Competitive Events, Snoqualmie Summit Biking Center

Trail descriptions are at <>

There is no description for the Winery Trail because it’s a “secret” trail and posting anything about it on the web would not be cool. Those who went on it know what it is.

The rides sure were fun. I even discovered a new trail (the Winery Trail). The best part is that I didn’t loose anyone on any of the rides. It’s a lot more fun to ride the trails with a group of other riders. Now I’m back to riding the trails by myself.

Tony Melton from New Zealand came by last weekend before heading back to New Zealand on Monday. On Saturday we rode the Preston Railroad Trail on Tiger Mountain and on Sunday we rode Skookum Flats. Skookum Flats is a river trail that follows a section of the White River out near Mount Raineer.

I’m bummed I couldn’t make it up to Vancouver for the North Shore rides. I really want to see what those trails are like first hand. I know the North Shore videos don’t do them justice. Nothing looks as steep or as high on video as it does in person. One of these days I’ll get up there and see the trails for myself. Heck, if I practice my jumping, drops, skinnies and falling, I might even be able to ride some of it.

Thanks to all. NAUCC and UNICON were a blast.


Could someone e-mail me about this special trail to inform me? I will keep it a secret, promise. :thinking:

I think your missing the point of the secrecy. also, didnt we have 11 cars that day john?

Please? It’s my birthday.

We had an amazing number of cars parked there. I don’t remember how many people were on that ride, but it was the most that we had for any of the rides. It’s a good thing that a dozen cars full of unicyclists doesn’t attract any attention from the locals. The secret is still safe.

The challenge is that now everyone must forget how they got there.

john “I know nothing…” childs

One Wheelly Wonderful Ride

Thank you for doing an amazing job organizing and running all the fun rides. If you ever need riding buddies, I know that many riders from Panther Pride would enjoy going on some expeditions (ex-uni-tions) with you. PLEASE, stay in touch! You are always welcome at our campfire!!