NAUCC 2018 - - and other Southeast Michigan Muni

Hello all, I just recently got back into riding - I took over a decade off :pensive: - and it seems while I was away they went and held NAUCC (muni) right at my local trail without telling me. :wink:

So I just have one simple question: does anyone know what the official course was for the expert race?

Super awesome points if you have a map or something. :+1::grin:

I looked everywhere for this and can’t find anything. All I found were race time results, but nothing about the actual course. I even used the way back machine for the now defunct website, and nada.

I very much appreciate any help anybody can offer me.
I ride at Maybury, Lakeshore, and River/Lakeview (Hines) trails (and I’ve ridden almost every trail within 40 miles) pretty much every other day, if anyone ever wants to go for a ride… :blush:

You wouldn’t happen to be the guy that runs clipless on a Hatchet would you? If so then you have already run into me at Maybury, and we should definitely meet up sometime.

Hey, yup, that was me. Are you one of the two guys we met Muniing there?

I’ve been thinking that I should try to reach out here, but I kinda didn’t know if you younger, cooler guys would still use an old fashioned forum, instead of “proper” social media. :wink:

I’ve said hi to a couple different groups that think that they’ve seen me riding with someone, when it was (I’m assuming) you guys. Kinda funny.

I’ve gotten into a someone actual decent shape, now, so if you wanna ride with an old guy, hopefully I can keep up. :grin:

I am indeed one of the guys you met, and it’s always fun riding with someone regardless of skill level. This is actually the closest thing I have to social media, and I still get a newspaper. I’ll PM you my phone number so we can set something up.

Hello again, just a bump from your friendly neighborhood wonderer.

I’m sure SOMEONE here knows what the course was for the Muni elite at the 2018 NAUCC at Maybury in Northville, MI… Or even better (dare I hope) a video or at least a map? :thinking::grin:

I’m just really curious what part of the trail (system/Park) that I ride all the time, they raced…

Thank you to ANYONE with ANY info. :blush::blush:

The course was most of the trails there at Maybury, the advance did not do the extra loop and elite did a extra lap. So if you ride Maybury you are good! I’m also a local Michigan rider, will have to get together soon and ride

Thank you so much for responding, I really appreciate it… Could you maybe elaborate a smidge, though?

There is an mtb trail and walking trails and paved trails there.

Did they ride the whole mtb trail - ~6 miles?
Did they add any other trails?
And extra lap? Did they do 2 laps of the 6 mile trail…

So you see, I’m still a bit confused. :thinking::sweat_smile::grin:

Again, thank you so much.

And YEAH. I’m always down for a ride. I ride every other day pretty much.

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I can’t help you with the details, but I can offer that you contact the Redford Township Unicycle Club, who hosted the event; someone from there should know the exact details.

I had a blast riding the non-elite course, and did really well considering my age and conditioning at the time. I had never ridden at Maybury before, in spite of growing up in Livonia. Maybury didn’t have MTB trails then. :frowning:

I didn’t ride it since I was volunteering on the course. I believe elite did the whole 6 mile trail with a extra section added. Advance just need before the last back section I believe.
I will see if the gentleman who ran the races that day may still know

Thanks a lot flameuni, I appreciate it.

Hi John, thanks for replying, mind sharing the details on the course you did? Was it the whole - or part of the - 6ish mile mtb trail like flameuni suggests?

I’ve just never been to a NAUCC, despite it being in my backyard twice (that I know of… Oops just Google-realized it was here in 12, too, so 3 times, even worse for me) since I started riding :pensive:, and for the life of me I can’t find any videos (youtube is dropping the ball) of any of the muni courses.

Thanks for any info you got. I’ll try to reach out to RTUC, too, that’s an obviously great idea I shoulda thought about. Heh. :thinking::thought_balloon::bulb: