Naucc 2015

I am looking forward to attending the NAUCC for the 2nd time. I will get in Thursday and with the exception of spending Monday and Tuesday night in Sturgeon Bay I will be there the whole week. I hope to put some faces to some names off our group here.

So it’s roll call Mouseketeers, who is going to attend?

I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday, then I’ll be coming back for Muni on Friday.

Zachery Medina - Advanced Trials, Intermediate Uphill, Intermediate Downhill, Expert XC

Cool I hope to get to meet you. Below is what I am signed up for.

   [B]Trials [/B]- 

Road Racing
Criterium - Standard (24")
10 Kilometer - Standard (24")
Cross Country - Beginner
Downhill - Beginner
Cyclocross - Standard (20, 24, 26")

I don’t know if I will be able to do them all. After looking at the schedule there may be some conflicts. I need to buy a road uni while I am there in order to do the road racing. I will be looking for a used 24" or if has any deals while they are there I may get a new one. It would be a lot of work to do them on my 24" oracle or my 20" equinox street uni. :astonished:

I am really looking forward to it. I always ride alone except when I go to this event.

I’ll be there for the last three days. My 10 year-old and I will be in the track events, beginner muni events, criterium (unlimited for me, standard for junior) and possibly cyclocross if they’ll let us add in late. I’ll be the tall guy standing awkwardly off to the side.

And WE are looking forward to seeing all of you!

The 10 km road race is Saturday, July 25, starting at noon from the Vilas Park Shelter on Lake Wingra. The route is a single clockwise loop around Lake Wingra through the University of Wisconsin Arboretum. Should be fun.

The Lake Kegonsa Marathon is on Sunday, July 26 at 8am at Lake Kegonsa State Park at the Swimming Beach Parking lot. The course begins and ends in the park and has four main loops around the state park.

Trials is in the afternoon on July 26 at Goodman Community Center in Madison.

The Tenney Neighborhood Criterium is August 1 at 9am.

Lots more at

I don’t think adding events will be a problem. I believe you can still go into the website and edit events.

See you soon! David, Madison Unicyclists

Are the hills as bad as Pittsburgh? From the map it doesn’t look too bad.

I doubt Madison is as lumpy as Pittsburgh was. That was LUMPY! A great challenge though.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. Again. This is a bad habit I’ve gotten into, missing more USA conventions than making them. I hope to change that pattern very soon!!

Yes, I suppose it won’t be as bad. Although, since Pittsburgh was my first and only NAUCC, I wasn’t sure if finding the toughest hills was the norm or not for setting up a marathon. Having lived in Madison, I am happy to see the Marathon was not west of Madison near Blue Mounds State Park, those hills are Pittsburghish.

Pittsburgh (Harmony) was fun, but Madison for us will probably be great: Seeing our favorite town for the first time in 13 years.

My family will be doing everything we can (muni, freestyle, road, track, trials), but we are also looking forward to the workshops. There is quite a list on the schedule.

NAUCC University

Me as well. I added Thursday after seeing the trials workshop was Friday at noon so I could attend. Like many on this list I have no one to ride with and get my social interaction with other riders on this list and learn from your post, videos and tutorials. I learned more in the clinics at the NAUCC then in hours of practice on my own.

In one clinic called 5 minutes next trick with a young lady I believe was named Connie, I picked up enough tips on idling and hopping that I was well on my way to success when I left. I had no clue who he was at the time but I asked Max Schultz a few questions on setup and tire pressure my first day there. He spent about 15 minutes answering my questions. As the week went on I figured out who he was, and what he was to the sport and was impressed that he was so cordial to an old level one rider.

I have no illusions of bringing home any gold medals, just learning a lot and having a good time. And a break from the Kansas city heat!

Awesome! Adding CX should not be a problem Just remember the classes: Standard is below 29". Unlimited is 29, 36, Schlumpf. Standard is a great addition for many people as riding through grass for 1/2 hour is a bit taxing.

Actually, the Marathon route here was picked because it was one of the less hillier routes in the area that fit the criteria (low traffic, shade, scenic, and easily accessible from the main site). I’ve got a local ride I can easily hit over 3000 ft of climbing barely leaving the city limits of Butler. It’s under 17 miles and no hills are repeated. Lumpy is an apt description though.

Lots of climbing is why we tend to use a goat for our club mascot.

Madison was great in 2011 (and the Marathon was quite hilly as well). It should even be better this time around. Everyone who wants to truly experience the unicycling community should get to a convention whether it be an NAUCC or Unicon, or any other national/international uni gathering.

It’s unfortunate we won’t be seeing you John, but I look forward to seeing and meeting the others in this thread at NAUCC. I shouldn’t be too hard to find. My wife and I have been dubbed the Goat and the Hippie Chick. We’re making the trip this time with a whole bunch of NAUCC first time participants too.

It’s going to be an excellent week!

It was a great marathon and I was a much better rider after it. Plus, I have great stories to tell, like when, on a steep downhill, I came off the back of my uni and watched it keep going down the road on its own until it flew off the side and down through the woods. That was something to see!

Plus it represented the geography of the area and I learned that Morraine is french for “almost like a cliff.” :slight_smile:

Someday I am going to drive down there just to try that route again. It is a goal of mine to give it another shot.

It was in the Blue Mounds area - Mt. Horeb area. When I lived in Madison I was a cyclist. That area was perfect for training on hills.

I am sure the new marathon location will not dissapoint.

Glad to hear you will be there - Unigoat.

I’ll be there for the first 5 days. I will be the one with the longest seat post.