NAUCC 2013 & dogs

Will spectators be allowed to bring well-behaved, leashed dogs?

It depends on the venue. Inside, the rule would most likely be no.

I believe it’s ok at Moraine State Park, but I also believe it depends on the part of the Park you’re in. I don’t know about Seneca Valley School District grounds. Inside I’m pretty sure is a no.

You will need to check with the venues directly.

As a dog owner I err on the side of not taking mine into situations that involve large crowds of people who might not be appreciative of my dog.

Something else to keep in mind is that it will be hot in July. The outside venues at the school will involve a lot of hot pavement and sun.


Thanks for the sensible advice. You’ve convinced me tol err on the side of leaving my pup at home.

Will there be an opportunity for all of us to unicycle together with our dogs?

Will “us” include Billy? Does Billy have a dog? My dogs will be at home, probably with Jacquie.