NAUCC 2013 discussion thread

Oh sweet! Thanks Max! :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave, I’m not opposed to taking them out if necessary just want to bring a container or something if necessary to remove.

Thanks guys, looking very forward to meeting, riding and learning with everyone!

any piercings/jewelry under your shirt or bike shorts are probably OK, if the outline of the jewelry isn’t too prominent :thinking: :astonished: :sunglasses:

I’m almost afraid to ask what kind of jewelry we’re talking about. :astonished: Like Billy said, if it’s under your clothing it’s not in danger of snagging on anything.

For gloves, I use regular road biking gloves. Palm protection is the requirement, but if you’re doing something like Trials, it couldn’t hurt to use some proper wrist guards. Palms is just the minimum requirement.

BTW, the only mention of jewelry in the IUF Rulebook is in the Hockey section. I don’t think there are any rules about it in the other disciplines, but use your judgement. Also note that there is no mention of the word Jewelry in the USA Rulebook, though it may refer to the IUF rules for Hockey.

And those rules do not apply to Darren Bedford’s late night Flaming Hockey Puck games :sunglasses: which IUF winks at;)

I have to admit, I’m enjoying the speculation here and was thinking of letting your minds wander for a while :wink: Sorry to disappoint, but I’m only referring to actual earrings in ears :o

John, I read the safety rules online under amendments for 2013, I searched IUF Rulebook 2013, which maybe is wrong but after reading emile’s post regarding looking in the IUF rulebook (which I wasn’t even aware of such a thing) I thought it would be a good idea to know what is required and what isn’t so I could be prepared with all the necessary safety equipment, etc.

The information I really was looking for was about muni racing. I wanted to find out more about the information on the 2013 Unicycle Nationals page under registration for First Timers where it states:

Beginner MUni Cross Country, Uphill, and Downhill: One of the really neat things about beginner MUni is that the courses are short and it is okay to fall off and get back on in the middle of the race (you don’t get disqualified).

I was trying to find out if I jumped off or UPD’d in a muni race if it meant I was disqualified. It doesn’t appear to be the case.

anyway from some of the posts I’ve read that the NAUCC doesn’t actually adhere to the IUF rules entirely anyway. I read one thing in the amendments (link below) with regard to age groups in muni. That is one part I hope the NAUCC uses for the muni comps.

I found the info here:

When I posted my question I had only skimmed over some of the safety rules as I was at work, so most likely I read it under the hockey part.

As far as gloves I use Hillbilly half gloves and they also include wrist guards, I work on a computer all day long and trust me I do not want to injure my wrist if it is preventable. Thank you. I’m looking forward to the NAUCC :slight_smile:

Just to make sure everyone has seen it, we’ve started an "Accomodations" thread.

A few of us have reserved a cabin together at Bear Run campgrounds. It’s 20 minutes from downtown Butler, but only 7 minutes from Moraine Park (where the muni comps are).

There are more cabins available. For info, go here:
Let them know you’re with the uni competition.

Thanks for reading the rules!

For the XC, a UPD is fine, but the rider always has right-of-way over the walker. For the Uphill and Downhill events it is not always the case at every NAUCC that there can be a remount. For the Uphill especially we most likely will go with the rule that says you can remount, but must remount before or at the point of UPD.

As far as the age groups go, they are not set in stone. They vary with number of registrants. They can be combined to an extent if there are few riders in a particular age group. We hope to have a lot of competitors to support a lot of age groups. I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

I’m on the MUni and Distance rulebook committees this time through. There have been many excellent proposals passed that should be beneficial to the sport. As far as using the rulebook in it’s entirety goes, it’s not done so we can’t say we will be using it. Unicon is over 5x the size of NAUCC so some of the proposals are more applicable when the scale gets larger.

Dave, thanks! Trying to learn before I attend so I have some idea what’s going on. I did read the rules for up and downhill those are great and definitely the way it should be.

The age groups, :frowning: well…if you have the ones as specified in the amendments, it’s okay if I am the only one in my group ;), I would have a chance to place, :astonished: hehe (hint hint) :smiley: Just messin with you.

Please keep in mind NAUCC uses the USA rulebook, if I am not mistaken. Please correct me if I’m wrong. They are very similar to IUF but not exactly the same. Every year they get closer and closer but I’d hate for someone to be relying on something in the IUF rulebook that turns out to be different when the competition begins. :astonished: It’s not a fun surprise.

If NAUCC used the USA rulebook, where can I find an updated version? The last version I could find was Feb 2008. A lot has changed since then in the IUF rulebook…

For the 2010 version of the Unicycling Society of America Rulebook try here:

It’s the first blue link titled: Unicycling Society of America Rulebook

The 2010 version is the most recent one in existence. At this point, it’s what we have.

Note: some items have changed- most notably Trials and Speed Trials. For better details check here:

Most items are in alignment with the IUF Rulebook. I’m not sure what rules this is in reference to:

Please keep in mind NAUCC uses the USA rulebook, if I am not mistaken. Please correct me if I’m wrong. They are very similar to IUF but not exactly the same. Every year they get closer and closer but I’d hate for someone to be relying on something in the IUF rulebook that turns out to be different when the competition begins. It’s not a fun surprise.

blueharmony- Please clarify by PM or here. This is our first time organizing an NAUCC and I would like to know about rulebook issues if they have not been addressed. I don’t want to cause problems, but I do want to make sure we are clear for this year.

We do have a couple of revisions that are still pending, but those pertain to Overall Distance Champion and Overall MUni Champion. None of these proposed revisions change how the races are run or individual events within the discipline are scored.

In addition- in the Unlimited Class of Distance Racing we are hoping to recognize the top Ungeared riders. The goal is not to lessen the title of Unlimited Champion, but to recognize that the top direct drive ungeared rider deserves to be recognized as such.

The Schlumpf is an advantage in Distance events and I plan on racing with mine.

Unfortunately I’m not conversant with most of the details concerning differences between IUF and USA rulebooks, I just know there are some. I’ve run into this for the skills levels but that won’t affect racing. As for racing you should be ok but I recommend reading the USA rulebook just to be sure. If your race isn’t specified in USA I’d suggest following IUF. Having said that, I’d be doubly sure by checking with the USA president (Wendy).

I don’t think that was meant as an attack… It’s just that some rules most probably are different in the 2 rule books. The IUF rule book has had noteworthy updates over the last few years, making it different than the most up to date USA rule book (2010).

I just don’t understand why the IUF rulebook isn’t “the one to rule them all”.

I hope it didn’t come across as responding to an attack either. I was just wondering what the differences that were identified as a problem.

The move has been to make the IUF the one, but there are problems when an event that hopes to draw 300 people has to cover some facilities for an event that has over 1500. The economy of scale makes certain things unlikely. One instance: the IUF required hockey dimensions require at least a whole gym for preliminaries (the dimensions are actually bigger than many high school gyms around here). On an NAUCC budget this is not possible for each game.

I’m just trying to help fix any problems we anticipate before they occur. Everyone knows there is a lot of work that goes into an event. We’re just trying to make sure we cover all of our bases.

Can anyone confirm whether the flatland preliminary runs will be 1 or 2 minutes? Both rulebooks say 2 minutes, but I thought I heard that at Unicon 16 the preliminary runs were 1 minute.

They were changed to 1.5 minutes (I believe) at Unicon because of the sheer number of competitors. This shouldn’t be an issue at NAUCC so it should stick with the 2 minutes prescribed by the rulebook.

Okay, thanks!

The new IUF rules have changed it to 1 minute if I remember correctly.

Generally, dismounts are allowed in most everything except Track races. With exceptions. But you’re always allowed to dismount in XC and Downhill MUni. Uphill usually depends on course length. Longer or harder courses usually allow dismounts, but short ones may be more strict because they are otherwise easier. Our early examples of Uphill races were often 100m or less so no dismounts. But the Unicon XVI Uphill was several hundred meters up a ski slope at around 5000’ elevation, on grass, which would be quite a feat for most mortals to do in one shot. I actually made it up with only one UPD, but I made several stops to “re-oxygenate my brain”. :slight_smile:

This is the traditional way of doing those events; to make the groups more or less proportional to the actual attendees. In other words, the object is not to reduce your pool of competitors, but to challenge yourself with a group that is hopefully of similar physical possibility.

Blue’s quote brings up the question of how does a rider know which set of rules will be used for a given event? A look at the NAUCC web site does not seem to turn up any information about that, or a link to the USA Rulebook. Neither does the USA web site, when I looked just now. If it’s on there, it’s not in an obvious place. Oh, I see you provided a link below. It’s listed under Business (but not searchable under “Rulebook”). That’s dumb. I did not find it there on my own.

What’s needed is easy access to the USA Rulebook, for starters. Also if there is a new version nearing completion, that would be good to tell people as well. As we’re into Spring, it would be nice to offer a summary of what has changed, so riders can train accordingly.

The host should (I think its a requirement in the USA rules) make it clear what rules are being used for what events. In the past it was just the USA Rulebook, but now that the IUF rules are being referenced more, it gets a little blurry. You really need to list this out, as it will save you a lot of grief between now and July as people start asking a ridiculous amount of questions. Generally you want to be able to refer people to the Web for the answers to as much as possible.

Mostly because if you do the same thing with a ring, for example, it can end very badly. :astonished:

History: The IUF rules are derived from what the USA was using in 1984, when the first IUF convention was held. IUF used meters instead of yards, but much of the rules were identical. Things have diverged over the years, with innovation coming from both organizations, but in recent years mostly from the IUF. Today’s USA Rulebook should be a reference to the IUF rules, with unique sections in it only for the parts that are different. A little messier to read, but if packaged properly it could be very easy to handle.

While IUF conventions started out about the same size as USA ones, now they’ve grown a lot bigger, and a lot more international as well. Different requirements for different needs, as Goat indicated. But also, each country may have its own traditions, and want to do things their own way, or in traditional ways that pre-date the IUF. The IUF doesn’t want to force the world to all go by a single set of rules if it would mean a loss of innovation. We like new ideas.

Goat, what will also help you as the main organizer is to have people you can send registrants to if they have questions about events. The people in charge of those events are usually best-equipped to give accurate, binding answers. If you have them picked out, put them to work. :slight_smile:

BTW, I can help, though I’m still trying to figure out my trip out there…


We listed the links to the rules on the Competitions page in the main menu on the site.

The copy from the Competitions page on the site (minus the actual links as the cut and paste doesn’t easily give me that function):


Events listed below will be held at NAUCC 2013. Check out the schedule of events for specific days, times and locations.

For more specifics about each discipline, please use the drop down menu at the top of this page.

The rules for most Competitions can be found here. Trials Competition rules have changed since the 2010 rulebook and can be found here. Coker MuniCross is here.

Please note: since the rulebook is currently being revised there may be some updates. They will not change which events are offered, but some of the rules within the events may change. Changes to the rules will be updated before June 1, 2013.[/I]

The links to the most current edition of the rulebook are posted along with the modifications to the Trials Rules and the addition of Coker MUniCross. Those links have been there since shortly after the website went live several months ago. When making the site I figured that the Competitions page was a good place to put the rulebook links. For Trials and Speed Trials there is a link on that page as well to the updated rules.

This is the first time in several years that the Rules and links have been posted for an NAUCC. In 2011 there was a link to the rulebook off of the registration form, but not on the site. In 2010 and 2012 there was no mention of a rulebook at all. Maybe these discussions happened over the past several years too.

I’m not sure why the obsession about the rules this year. I may have missed the past discussions. I know IUF was in a big round of revisions this time around. Distance and MUni events experienced big changes. With NAUCC a few months out we can’t say we will comply with a rulebook that isn’t finished.