NAUCC 2013 discussion thread

Hey guys I wanted to talk about Unicon 17 so I created a thread about NAUCC 2013. Discuss

but seriously, let’s talk about “what ever the name of the competition happening in 2013 in North America in Butler City which is supposed to be north american but currently called nationals, opened to everyone but only north american can win titles but apparently it might be just Canadians and Americas because of insurence stuff, it’s getting complicated” 2013.


We were looking to keep things professional and discuss more here when we have more details.

It’s good to get the facts straight. Your second post doesn’t help. Having the support of the unicycle community would be appreciated.


NAUCC 2013 is going to be totally awesome! I know that because Dave Krack is organizing it. Everyone, from everywhere, should attend. I am so glad to see it being in Pennsylvania for the first time, and the first time being on the east coast since I’ve been attending them (1988).

(This was the second half of my edit that got cut due to timing out)

Sorry the Unicon thread was taking a bit of a tangent. When somebody was looking for clarification about NAUCC 2013 and Unicon in 2014, I thought it was time to clarify NAUCC 2013 a bit. I was hoping it would be quick and clarify the situation. I sincerely apologize if I’ve personally been a problem.

Supporting Unicon and unicycling to a bigger crowd is the goal of what we’re trying to do. I sincerely apologize if I offended people.

We have been really trying get things in place for a great Street and Flatland comp next year. Support and help from that segment of the community is appreciated.

At this point positive attitudes would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks Gilby for some positive feedback about the NAUCC 2013. :slight_smile: it’s good to see. I am excited this is on the East Coast, I might actually be able to attend.

As far as the name as noted by the post on NAUCC 2013’s Facebook page the name NAUCC that unicyclists associate with this event is still the title so I’m not sure why there is so much antagonism, the event itself already looks to be amazing.

I’m looking at it this way, those involved in the planning of the NAUCC 2013 have already worked hard preparing, answering questions, informing us of many courses. It’s available on Facebook, they are keeping us informed, how many times have we’ve gotten this much information for an event that is almost a year away. I think some kudos should be sent to them.

I’m hoping this can be a positive event for all unicyclists. I’d rather see us put our energies toward helping make this the awesome event it aspires to be.

Im pretty excited about NAUCC this year! It sounds like that it will be very well done and I am very excited to see how the street course will be.

Not meaning to thread jack but EUC will be taking place a week before. So any street/trial and flatland riders this is the event for you! It will either take place very close to NAUCC or in Pueblo West, Colorado.

I thought that was hilarious. Kind of drives home the point that if your name is too long, it’s not going to work. :slight_smile:

The 2013 USA Convention (can’t say it isn’t that!) will be excellent. I always like the freshness and new ideas that come out when the event is held in new places, and the East coast deserves more attention. Hopefully it will draw in a lot more folks from out there, for whom maybe it’s close enough this time. I’ll definitely be there. Apparently of the four USA conventions I’ve missed since I started going, Dave Krack has only been to the last three. We will meet in Butler in 2013!

Wait a minute, I just looked up Butler on Google Maps. Not really the East coast; it’s practically in Ohio. Which is awesome, because Ohio has Cedar Point in it. I will probably organize the “Cedar Point Workshop”, for anyone in interested in going to the world’s best amusement park either before or after the uni convention. And some other workshops this time!

The thread is exactly what Emile didn’t want it to be :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you John for understanding :slight_smile:

Actually I wanted it to be a NAUCC 2013 discussion thread, so I’m pretty happy so far.

Yes, sarcasm.

Okay, you don’t have to be part of the discussion if you are not ready to talk about it, but other are allowed to talk about it all they want.

I don’t see how it doesn’t help. I’m laughing about all the “contreversy” about the name NAUCC and the name change, it should light up the things a little bit… making it seem like less of a big deal. And don’T get me wrong, I’m very excited for NAUCC 2013!

I’m definitely stoked that it’s going to be on the East Coast. I look forward to watching some top riders in action and also meeting several of you face to face for the first time. YouTube is great, but nothing like watching a live event.

I would hope that the EUC would be held close to the NAUCC location if they are only a week apart. It would really be a shame if some of the best riders had to choose between the two events (like they did this year with NAUCC and Unicon).


I think what got unigoat’s goat (terrible pun, I know, but it had to be made) was that it sounded like a lot of the often-useless snarking that comes out of the woodwork when big events are being organized and everyone has an opinion. I thought you were just complaining, too, when I read your first post but this last post makes it clearer that you were just humorously pointing out the confusion on the name.

Unigoat: props for organizing this event. I’m impressed that there’s already notes on trails and suchlike and am looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your labor. ;D Definitely post if there’s a place to sign up for volunteering, since you guys will probably need all the help you can get. This will be my first NAUCC and I’m stoked to see all these people I’ve watched on youtube and vimeo in person!

After I read some of the posts on facebook and here, on, I’m pretty sure I read that actually only Americans and Canadians could win titles (correct me if wrong). After reading this, I just said why not call it CANAM?

CANAM uni?
CANAM unifest?

No way people would go for CAN being before AM. And AMCAN doesn’t sound very good. I really don’t see an issue with it being called 2013 Unicycle Nationals outside of the community. If it needs more explanation then you can attempt to elongate NAUCC for whoever you’re talking to :roll_eyes:
Most people say they are going to nationals anyway so I really don’t see a problem (except for it not being completely accurate)

I don’t see how it’s such a big deal either. There are plenty of sports leagues/championships that have “national” in them - nba, nhl - yet they include teams from both Canada and the United States. I don’t think I’ve ever heard people being confused about it; it’s simply a name.

If you want to spread the word and get unicycling and naucc 2013 out there to the public, simply changing the name won’t do much at all on it’s own, imo. I’d say start contacting sponsors such as media companies and other extreme sport supporters such as redbull and such.

Just my two cents.

I seriously face palmed myself… I didn’t suggest CANAM to have a country before another, or saying a country is better than another. I suggested it because it describes what the event is and sounds good.

I’m not saying I’m opposed to it but others certainly would be. It’s sad but true.

Im amazed anyone even cares :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a unicycle event!! Im going to it whatever the name is. Ill always call it naucc because everyone knows what im talking about but you can call it whatever you like.

Its completely understandable to call it another name to get more of the public there. I support that choice 100% :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think most Uni riders would agree. Call it whatever you want, we will still come to it. So, the rename is simply for the non-unicycling public we are trying to garner attendance/interest from.

I think someone in the Unicon discussion thread was headed in the right direction when they used the word “Championships” in the title. It doesn’t get much simpler and it quickly conveys the focus and scope of the event.

NAUCC would be referred to as the “National Unicycling Championships”
Unicon would be referred to as the “World Unicycling Championships”

As others have pointed out, the National Hockey League consists of Canadian and American teams, and I’ve never heard anyone confused by this. Take a look at this web site for the “National Soccer Championships.” The real name is the NIRSA/NCCS National Soccer Championships. They are smart enough to realize that nobody knows or cares what NIRSA or NCCS stand for, so they put National Soccer Championships in big, bold letters.

Marketing is a tricky endeavor, you always have to keep your target audience in mind. Preaching to the choir is easy but inaffective, keeping the choir and the audience happy at the same time is where the real work is. For an organization to grow it must address the audience.

I don’t have a better suggestion for the name but I’m glad the discussion continues. My hope is that somebody hits upon something fabulous that makes sense to riders and non-riders alike.

As an analogy, I’m having the same issue with my Masonic lodge. We are currently advertised as “Unity Lodge #198”, which means something to Masons but is worthless to non-Masons. It doesn’t even tell the reader the lodge is Masonic! It’s no wonder Freemasonry is thought of as a secret society when any mention of it is so obscure. Perhaps unicycling can be considered a secret society, then we will get some cool movies made about us starring Nicolas Cage.

In my case the Lodge is trying to shift to something like “North Bend Masons” instead. I look forward to seeing what the uni community comes up with.

BTW: I’m looking forward to Butler in 2013!