NAUCC 2013 accomodations

Roberta assured me there are 2 full beds, 3 single beds, and a pull-out couch. I will re-check with her.

That works for me, I’m cool with everything then. Also I will put it out there that if necessary Brad and I can share a double bed. The only reason I was worried is we will most likely be arriving well after you guys, not until Wednesday so if there were less beds we’d be out of luck. I’ve done my time on the floors, it’s about a bed nowadays lol. Thanks Steveyo, let us know where you want you $$ sent.

It only seemed fair since you were first, but I’ll happily take the regular James title. :smiley:

Hey JTurner, ally1776 and garmooza - see your PMs.

So we’re not taking this Bear Run cabin after all; we found slightly better accomodations - (thanks, Dave).

I still recommend the Bear Run facilities - centrally located and reasonable.

So you guys aren’t staying at the Bear Run campgrounds now? Where then? Just trying to book my accommodation so I can be around other unicyclists. It’s my wife and I so we are probably looking to get our own cabin or campsite.

It looks like I’ll be there for at least part of the week. Staying in a cabin filled with unicyclists sounds very appealing, especially if it’s near another cabin filled with unicyclists. Is there enough momentum to find another house/cabin? Let’s fill it.
Steveyo, where did you end up renting the house? Is there anything else nearby?


I can’t commit to anything at the moment but assuming I am going to NAUCC I would definitely be in for sharing a cabin with others.

Geoff you can count me as a “definite maybe”, I don’t think it should be hard to find enough people for a second house/cabin.

A few of us are in a cabin very near the muni and marathon events, but unfortunately, it’s 15 minutes from Bear Run campgrounds. It’s privately owned, so I’m not aware of other rentable places nearby. I’ll email the owner and ask if there are any other units around her place.