NAUCC 2013 accomodations

I’m going to Uni-nats (NAUCC) 2013 for the entire week, without my family. I’m thinking about camping, but, on a recent vacation, we rented a small vacation house instead of a hotel room. Way more comfortable, and cheaper, too.

A quick search found a couple such rental houses near Butler. One I found is $1150 for the week, which seems like a lot, until you realize that the place sleeps 6 adults. So that would be a full-on house for $200 per person for the whole week. I’m currently waiting to hear re: availability for that week. There are some others around there, and I didn’t search real hard yet.

Any interest? I was thinking singles and couples, rather than me alone w/one other whole family.

Damn - missed the edit period…

There are similarly priced cabins at Bear Run Campground. The idea is to have a bed, kitchen, showers, etc., instead of just camping.

Hey Steve, I’m interested and was just thinking of posting a similar thread.

I’m attending solo as well for the entire week and was looking at other options. I like the proximity of Indian Brave Campground and was planning on camping but a shared house or cabin would be much more comfortable.

I’m looking to find something at or inbetween Harmony and Moraine, to be as close to the action as possible. My main interests are the Muni and Distance events.

Nurse Ben mentioned doing a group camp or cabin in the other thread as well.

Thanks Steve for starting this!

Keep in mind that most of the places we listed aren’t really that far from the action- the exception being the KOA approved campground.

One other place to note is that Moraine State Park has cabins too. I don’t know anything about them so you will have to look it up. If they are available at all sooner is better than later as those fill fast for the season- without unicyclists being in town.

We’ve tried to keep things as compact as possible. That being said, there’s still a special off site event we’re hoping falls into place. It would require a one way trip of about an hour.

If it materializes, it will DEFINITELY be worth the trip.

The Moraine cabins are booked.

Steveyo, two friends of mine and myself are talking about getting a cabin, so although I can’t speak for the guys, I am quite sure they would be happy to split too, I was thinking about Bear Run (pricey) or Buttercup lodges. Whoever goes in I’d rent for the entire week, just to have the place, however, two of us won’t be there until Wednesday, so you’d have a place to yourselves longer :slight_smile:

Steveyo and JTurner, I’d be interested in splitting a house/cabin with you guys. I’ll most likely be coming up alone for the week with the chance of my girlfriend staying a few days.

Bear Run Cabins look promising. Showers, frig, even AC. Near the Muni events, not far from everything else, too. Indian Brave has fewer cabins, they’re smaller and farther from the muni place.

The cabins will cost around $600 or $700 for the week. Split 5 ways ends up a lot cheaper than a hotel. One couple might be a good idea, as most of the cabins have at least one double bed.

If I book one that sleeps 4,5, or 6 people, are there folks here ready to commit?

Actually, there’s one cabin that sleeps 6, and costs $1054 for Sat 7/20 thru Sat 7/27. That would be less than $200 per person.

I have reserved it. Who’s in?

You did reserve the $1054 cabin? Anyway of getting it till Sunday?

Yes - I didn’t spend any money yet, but the reservation-boss-lady is holding it for me for a week. I said how many does it sleep if no one sleeps in the same bed. She said 6. If there is a couple or two, we could do 8.

Shower, kitchen, full fridge, large deck, AC. Beats the hell out of camping especially when you’re old and tired. Like me.

You in?

Who else?

I’m in (if we can get another night somehow) if you want I can PayPal (gift you money) or send you a money order and I am sure my buddy will be in but only issue is the extra night, I want to stay till Sunday for the Saturday festivities. Do you think we could stretch an extra night?

I’m almost positive we could stretch one more night. I might be in for that, too. Don’t worry about the money yet. I just want firm commitments from folks.

Alright I got word from my buddy, we are in, (2 beds)
Thanks Steveyo

I’m in, solid. Thanks for taking the lead on finding a place!


Awesome work steveyo. I’ll commit to one bed. Just let me know when and how to pay you when you’re ready.

OK, Bear Run campground it is!

With 5 people (me, ally1776 & friend, JTurner and garmooza) this will be $211 per person, including tax. Everyone good with that? If so, once I pay, I’ll hit you all up for the bucks.

There is still one more bed available, but I’m temporarily reserving for Rolandisimo. If he can’t attend, I’ll let everyone here know it’s up for grabs. If we get a sixth, the price goes down, and we’ll figure it out later.

ALSO!! There are more cabins available. For info, go here: Let them know you’re with the uni competition.

Sounds great to me!

And it looks like we’ll have two Jameses!

-the other James

Hey Steveyo did you look at the lodging page, I’m on my phone so I can’t do much posting until I get home but I think there are only 3/4 beds. It appears we all won’t be getting a bed if I’m seeing correctly, may need to rethink the arrangements :-/
I can’t really look because I’m at work will investigate further when I’m home. I want a bed, lol.

Cool, I’m good.

Glad I get to be James cause you just dubbed yourself, “the other James”, hehe. I go by JT as well so you can be regular James if you want. :slight_smile: