Naucc 2012!

So I’m planning on attending my first NAUCC or any unicycling convention for that matter. I’m super stoked :smiley: I just have a few questions though. I emailed some of the NAUCC people but I figured you guys would be helpful too!

  1. The registration process is kind of confusing, do I first register for USA then register for NAUCC or can I do it all at once on the NAUCC site?
  2. What type of workshops are being offered or what types were offered in the past few years?
  3. Should I register as a competitor or non-competitor? I want to do the muni rides and play on the trials courses but I don’t think I’m good enough to actually compete. Do you need to register as a competitor to even use the courses or can I just mess around on them?
  4. Are there age restrictions for beginner trials?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Strike question 1, looks like you can pay for both on NAUCC.