NAUCC 2012 plans??

Hey all,
I am thinking about going to NAUCC and trying to get my plans all figured out. Is anyone else flying into Detroit and then taking a cab or driving down to Saline?

Also where is everyone staying. I may see if anyone wants to get a room and all bunk together to save money.

Just wanting to know what everyone’s plans were.



I’m going into Detroit and getting to saline some how. i assume cab or bus. My problem is getting around once i’m there. My hotel it 11 miles away from the venue and i can’t seem to find any sort of bus schedule. I would hate to take a taxi everyday to and from the events. Any one else driving around with an extra seat in there car? or does any one know of buses? I can pay for gas and stuff if anyone is able to accommodate.

Not really sure about details yet but I’m going and competing! super excited :smiley:

Very sad that this will be my first NAUCC I’m going to miss in 20 years! My first ever was in 1992 and had so much fun I have been going to them ever since. This would have been my 21st but will have to wait until next year. As I am living in Australia it gets a bit expensive to travel back just for nationals. Especially when I am going to Italy for Unicon and planning a wedding in Hawaii shortly after. I will miss not being there. :frowning:

Me too, Jamey. Sucks that this is the fourth one I’m missing, and in my home state! I’ve been to every one since 1980, except 1987, 2009, 2011 and now 2012. This year it’s overlap with our Unicon trip…

For you flyers, your best bet is to try to find out where other attendees are staying. If you’re at one of the NAUCC hotels, you can probably arrange rides to and from the venues. The airport is going to be a little tougher, but if you join forces with other air travelers you might be able to book a shuttle or something and make it affordable. If not, you can probably get a decently-priced bus from the airport to Ann Arbor, then handle the details from there. Good luck!