NAUCC 2011 Street and Flat

finally finished the video. Sorry for the long wait. Hope you all enjoy.

Sweet video! :slight_smile:

And hahahaha at 6:15… later on, Will Riley : “Man max, I need a new tube dude I have a flat”

Good video, you captured alot of good stuff…too bad I’m not listed as a rider in the end of the video :wink: Glad to see you were able to film all this. I like sir.


Yeah sorry :stuck_out_tongue: I realized just after I uploaded it, and I hit too many problems to upload it again. You are the only rider listed in the description though haha.

You should have put a slow mo at 0:57 :stuck_out_tongue: Nice vid, I really enjoyed!

Nice man I really liked it. Thanks for putting in my first trey. :slight_smile: They edit/music was pretty good too.

hahahaha dood i was thinking of that when i seen that!!
that was epic man xD