NAUCC 2011 Flatland Final Battle. Eli Brill vs. Will Riley

The title says it all. This was such a crazy battle.

Thanks for posting, I missed the flat comp and was really disappointed.

EPIC battle. i was on the edge of my seat waiting for eli to land the super mega ultra monster spin. and the vid stopped! did he land it? amazing riding to both will and eli hope i will see you guyz at next years NAUCC? since i missed this year.

Couldn’t quite get it :stuck_out_tongue: Big up to Will Riley, he’s seriously an animal.

Amazing tricks guys…and who where the two in the first battle, I was thinking Kevin k but 1080’s and quad flip through me off or is he just amazing now? :stuck_out_tongue: and the other guy on the freestyle style uni did some sick spins and roll combos…

Late triple back…will you rock :slight_smile: amazing battle between you two. Would love to see you have a similar session without any pressure…

I think America would beat Europe in a flat comp now possibly. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:

That was Kevin. He’s seriously insane now, but nobody seems to know that :stuck_out_tongue:

Later this week I’ll try to upload all the other battles, as well as the prelims.

Wauwww! That was amazing! Dude, my mouth feld open!
Two questions, who won and why did Eli walked so weid, something with his foot or something?

EDIT: Top 3 of best flatters in the world Krisztián, Eli and Will (Rondomly)

Will 1st Eli 2nd Kevin 3rd

not for the ambiance, that’s pretty sure… during the battles in the video, we could hear a mosquito fly… at euc there’s much more crowd, and whatever the skills of the riders are, q good ambiance is way better in my opinion


Bobousse, I’ve never been to EUC, but the ambiance at NAUCC was amazing :slight_smile:

Yeah NAUCC is run by road riders and comuters. If the American style riders ran a EUC style flatland competition, the ambiance would be exactly the same. All street and flatland unicyclists have the same spirit I think. Some of the final battles were insanely exciting, had an awesome time. Wish I could have competed.

Those were intense battles! Huge tricks!