NAUCC 2010 Discussion thread.

Its never too late to start a new one, and i’m so pumped for next year’s!

Where in CA is it being held?


Awww nice. Hopefully I can make it.

We are still seeking a venue. The San Francisco Bay area has some of the most expensive real estate in the world, so it’s going to be tough to find something affordable. The one school I’ve been contacting is not getting back to me so I don’t have high hopes for it. As details become available, we will surely let you know, possibly in a new thread though.


Pretty please :slight_smile:

I can’t wait! This year I didn’t compete but next year I’m definitely competeing in at least advanced trials, but probably flatland too and maybe street.

I’m going to have to come to one of these NAUCC’s. they sound awesome!

I want NAUCC 2010 now!!! I can’t wait to ride with everyone again.

I just can’t wait to ride with everyone as a group for the first time :slight_smile:

It is so great. You’ll never want to ride by yourself again :stuck_out_tongue:

Bring it Julia!!

haha im sooo pumped for NAUCC '10!!!

having it in montreal would be the beeeest !

especially at the taz, its so sick there…

and plus, I’d be able to go :stuck_out_tongue:

im pretty sure that its already set for San Francisco…at least thats what they said at NAUCC 09. I think having it in montreal would be cool though and maybe it will be there in a few years if you push for it :smiley:

I vote Vancouver!:wink: I could go without breaking the bank:D

Has there ever been a NAUCC in Vancouver before?

Yeah! I’ll see you there! :smiley:

Closest to Vancouver was North Bend, WA in 1999 and 2002. It’s only been in California once: 1998 in Monrovia (near Pasadena). Far as I know, the search is still on for an affordable venue in the Bay area, or Northern CA in general if necessary.

Want to have it in Montreal? Got to find someone to host it and have them put a proposal together (best to find the venue(s) in advance) for 2011. Or for 2010 if we can’t work out a location out here… :astonished:

Closest a big uni convention has been to Montreal is Unicon V, 1991 in Hull, Quebec, and Unicon VI, 1992 in Quebec City. The USA convention was held in Toronto in 2001. I’d love to go back there for one…

That would be awesome… I could potentially go :smiley:

Language wouldn’t pose as a problem for non-French speakers though, would it?

Not at all. A lot of the people in Montréal can speak both english and french … so it shouldn’t be an issue. :wink:

Montréal would be so awesome! Or Vancouver, except we’d probably get rained out. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Vive Montréal!

Any updates? Need to start planning next year’s vacation time.

Too early to give out dates. Can’t officially book our most-likely venue until December so it probably wouldn’t be responsible to give out dates until we’re sure. Definitely shooting for mid-July though, ending just before the IJA Festival (Sparks, Nevada, about 3.5 hours away). The venue we’re hoping for is Berkeley High School, where the Berkeley Juggling/Unicycling Festival just took place. It’s a very big campus, and right smack in the middle of downtown Berkeley. It might be the most urban USA convention ever held.

Emile, Monotréal would be a cool location for a future convention. The second link you posted was (today) to Joomla sign-in page in French. It looks like the site is under maintenance. Is that some sort of facility in the city? To host NAUCC you would need a group of volunteers in the local area willing to take on the big project of making one of those events happen. It would be the second USA convention to be in Canada.