NAUCC 2009 - Workshops - Event Assistance Reqest

Wanted: Creative and knowledgable people who are willing to amuse and educate their peers!

NAUCC 2009 is being hosted by the Twin Cities Unicycle Club on Sunday, July 26th through Saturday, August 1st, 2009, for more information refer to the web site:

Workshops: I have been asked to coordinate the workshops. NAUCC is the largest gathering of unicycle enthusiasts in North America and has activities for unicyclists of all ages and skill levels. There isn’t a better opportunity to discover how other enthusiasts across the country enjoy unicycling. A workshop is merely a scheduled time and location for an activity that is less structured than the competitions. A scan of prior unicycling events indicates that workshops typically fall into a few categories:
(1) Amusement - Games
(2) Education - Skills, Tricks, How To
(3) Extending the Sport - Touring, Skill Levels, Club Formation, etc.
(4) Other - perhaps not even unicycle related.

The key to the workshops is the volunteers that want to be are willing to be workshop leaders. I am also interested in hearing about workshop topics and ideas that you would be interested in attending (I’ll try to find / draft a leader if there is enough interest)!

The convention venue and schedule has plenty of available space for supporting workshop activity.

How can you help make NAUCC 2009 great? Come to Minnesota and show what you know! Contact me (Garrett Macey) at naucc09 (at) gmail (dot) com or respond to this post.

I think it would be nice if there was a workshop on flip tricks, perhaps separated for beginners and more advanced riders. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of other things that I may need to be a part of (club practice, other events, etc.), I may be willing to help out, or even lead it.

That would be awesome

I emailed you already but will post here too. I can probably do a disc golf tournament/workshop like I’ve done at other Unicons and Nationals. Plus if there is any interest, I could do one on busking/street performing.