NAUCC 2009 Discussion!

Hey all,

I know I wish I was at NAUCC 2009, but since I’m not I want to know what’s going on!

Who’s taking video footage, who’s taking photos, I wanna know :slight_smile:

Also, I want the results of the flat comp, that should be done soon?



Mmmmm yes, updates plz plz.

It started at 4:30 (9 minutes ago) and scheduled to end at 7:30

Also can someone upload the final battle when it finishes. Thanks.

Ahh, here’s a good question…

Photography question:

Is Brian Oley there?

Videography question:

Is Sam Haber there?


So flatland should be over. Who got what place?

there is already a thread with this point. I made it.

I so wanted to go this year. tough financial situation though…but i’m going to start saving now! i must go next year!!

No and no. :frowning:

Expert Flat Competition Results:

  1. Pat Lally
    2.Matt Sindelar
  2. Spencer Hochberg
  3. Eli Brill:D

I love this! Pat landed a 7 spin to seat in in a battle! I caught a trey early down a 4! This is great.

Siiiick! I want vids!!!

I had to battle Pat:D

I lost hahahahaha :roll_eyes:

Vid??? ^.^

Will has it;)

Yea I filmed the whole flat comp too so I got everyone (in Expert). I got fifth place :smiley: in the Flat comp which I was amazed because I was thinking I should have done advanced. I still wasnt that good though.

The other main events were races.
The 10k unlimited I know scott wilton won (I came 11th)
And the Criterium unlimited, which was 5 laps around a block, Scott also won (I came 6th)
I’m sure some one else can post further detail on the races.

Yea Pat was amazing. Matt was good in the first of his final battles against spencer, but fell a lot against pat. He did some amazing long combos. Spencer was a bit rusty I thinx but did a crazy sick combo against eli and landed some stuff that he wasnt able too in the prelim or 1st final battle

pat vs eli was pretty crazy though. It looked like total tie untill the end when pat landed some harder tricks but you (Eli) fell on more.

ha, id also like to rub in that i beat people I shouldnt have beat: Jon Atwell, Pele, Will, well and basically everyone else that wasnt 4th and above.

Yea, also after everyone kinda left I was hangin with Joe C. and Mike P. They were getting so close this loading dock that was 116cm. Max of course got it easily :o :roll_eyes: . I dont know if they got it because I left and they were still trying it.

Wow nice! Can’t wait to see the final battles.

edit: I also hope Pat’s battles were not half flip tricks…

Sickness. Can’t wait to see vids.

hehehe :roll_eyes:

there were some rolls;)

Ha, I didnt do many rolls either :o.

Oh yea, here’s Expert Femal Flat Results:

1st: Anna Jinks
2nd: Irene Genelin

This was good stuff but hard to decide to which was better.

Anna did more street type tricks on flat, while Irene did more freestyle stuff.
Anna did a doubleflip and treflip which was pretty kool.

I got third in advanced flat.

…just putting that out there

I’m pretty happy with 3rd in flat, I wasn’t very optimistic going in because I hadn’t ridden for the month before nationals.
Pat and Eli are amazing though. Matt’s flat has also gotten really good, so smooth and consistent. Matt’s riding is a lot of stuff I wish I could do but I’m not good enough =P