Naucc 2008?

Where willl it be?

Have future years been determined?

There were discussions in Memphis that Rapid City, SD will host it. Haven’t heard any updates.

Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, Badlands, etc. out that way.


not actually but that would be the sweetest thing ever.

Sorry jimbojones, you missed Toronto in 2001. Maybe the Toronto Unicyclists will do it again someday, and maybe you can help!

Black Hills was reconfirmed at Moab, so it still seems to be on. If I remember correctly they were working on setting up the awards banquet (hopefully heavy on the banquet part and light on the awards part) at Mt. Rushmore. Sounds like MUni Heaven. Can’t wait!

so naucc 2008 is going to be at black hills?


Rapid City, SD is still on. They are working on having events at Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore, so seeing those famous sites won’t be required outside the convention schedule. Hopefully some time will be set aside to enjoy them also, but those convention schedules have a way of getting tight!

Again, this is a MUni-loving group, and they expect to offer plenty of that for us. Dates still projected in the July 5-12 range, though possibly one day shorter.

For 2009, there are discussions about going back to Toronto! Not yet confirmed, but the Toronto Unicycle Club, with their biggest NAUCC turnout ever (20 riders plus families) seems serious on planning it.

Who wants to host 2010?

That would be awesome! I wouldnt have to sleep in a hotel even.

corpus christi TEXAS??

austin has a pretty large Unicycle club, there is a street group as well as a distance group.

Hey, I have a couple questions. If you want to get a team into the competitions, how do you register, and if you just want to be a spectator, are there tickets you need to buy or anything? Thanks Alot


Is lodging at NAUCC like FLUCK where everyone just sleeps in the gym or rooms in the main building, or do you have to get a hotel room?

Hotel Room, im pretty sure…

I agree it should be in Texas sometime, but a city like Austin or Dallas would be better for it. I know atleast a dozen or more unicyclist where I live and I know there are lots more in the area. So if it ever does go to Texas I would expect a big ol’ Texas turnout.


Is there a contact email address for asking questions and requesting information about NAUCC 2008? I did not find an email address on their website.

From the last line on the registration form:

shawn at rcymca dot org