NAUCC 2008 Street Finals Run!

Long time coming right? Ha. Sorry. This is my run during the finals at NAUCC 2008. I talk over the audio due to the music in the background, so that’s muted. Sorry…


You’ve got an awesome style ^^. Is there a new video coming up anytime soon?:stuck_out_tongue:

Another Video


This youtube project is an attempt to make something of myself in youtube before I graduate. I’m motivated off of views and subscribers. I will make another unicycling video when weather warms (it looks to be starting in 2-3 weeks). A big factor is my subscriber amount, if I have a lot of them I will be motivated to do more videos. I would really appreciate any support I can get so I can keep doing videos and start unicycling again. I really do want to make another highlight film, and it’s looking like I will.

Nice, are your old videos still lingering around anywhere?

I’m going to subscribe. I look forward to seeing another unicycling video from you.

You got first at NAUCC 2008? lol.


First place finals. lol.

Can’t wait to see a new video. It will be great to see something fresh from you.

will be good to see a new video of you in a new place.

I only found the best off 2007 video on youtube (realy realy great video!!). I think Shaun removed most of his other videos when he decidet that internet videos suck.
Now it looks like he changed his mind and I look forward to new unicycle videos of him (I still dont subscribe and dont get why he needs subscribers so badly to make new videos. If his videos are great he will get subscribers anyway and doesnt have to beg for them in every post/video).

Links to his unicycle channels:

Subscribers help the project and motivation. Motivation helps create more movies. Youtube is an interesting world that I’m only learning about now, I had no idea what goes on in that system for a lot of youtubers. I’m trying to make something of myself with youtube. That’s all, subscribers help get me noticed, so I can keep doing my thing, and keep entertaining everyone else.